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Oceania Creative is in the business of providing premium consulting, brand communications, and visual design services. The Oceania mission is to provide consulting and graphic production services to selected prospect clients primarily in the manufacturing industry. Through the application of knowledge, business relationships, and effective service delivery and continued success of Oceania clients, we will become recognized as a premier industry provider of communications services.


Purpose of the document is to provide a high-level, executive overview of Oceania Creative Print and Interactive business plan for the year 2001-2005. This document is to be used as information and business planning purposes in attaining a second round of credit-based capital.

Description of the Business

Oceania Creative is in the business of providing premium consulting, brand communications, and visual design services.


The Oceania mission is simple. Oceania will provide consulting and graphic production services to selected prospect clients primarily in the manufacturing industry.


Through the application of knowledge, business relationships, and effective service delivery and continued success of Oceania clients, we will become recognized as a premier industry provider of communications services.

Business Problem

The manufacturing industry, particularly, old-line heavy equipment, agricultural, and transportation have difficult business issues related to high-end communications services.

In the manufacturing environment, companies are striving to be competitive in all aspects of manufacturing. This means processes and technology must work together harmoniously and must be integrated. Even world-class companies have found many improvement opportunities in communications processes and market perceptions.

Communications services supported by proven concepts, tools, and methodologies by our experienced designers and consultants, our process accommodates the client's needs. Our communications and marketing experts help the client manage operational change and focus on integrated resource management.

We are committed to creative concepts and tangible results, evaluation, and continuous improvement. With the client's leadership, OC's business approach helps them achieve their vision of world-class market communications.

Examples of our service offerings:


Target prospect market companies include the following list of companies with primary locations and/or headquarters based in the Midwest. The Midwest is defined as a six-state area including, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and northern Kentucky. The states of Minnesota and Missouri will be considered a secondary market due to time, travel, and budgetary requirements in pursuing business in these areas. However, for the right prospect with the right project, with the right level of revenue commitment, we will consider investing in pursuing the business in that geographic area.

Target companies listed below are primary targets:

Market Size

The current market size analysis, based on identified prospects and selected categories of current and projected spending, has estimated this market at more than $750 million in current communications spending.

Note: Detailed industry and analysis methodology information available on request.

Revenue Model

Oceania revenue will be based on client needs and market competitive service rates.

Examples of client billing models include:


Expected margins are estimated at 30-35 percent for graphic production services and 50-65 percent for consulting services. Production services are required to align our companies with client to provide ongoing management and design services to carry projects from concept to delivery.

The Oceania team is comprised of seasoned design, consulting, and management professionals. Experience is our hallmark. The Oceania team has an average of 10 years of experience in communications, marketing, and related disciplines, and 12 years in professional brand and executive communications strategy consulting experience.

Each team member brings industry relationships. Oceania has an expectation of its sales and consulting personnel to leverage these relationships in a meaningful manner and to demonstrate a direct relationship to revenue contributions.

We intend to continue to compensate our entire team with an outstanding package of ongoing salary with individually based bonus and fringe packages. These packages will be based on performance and return to the Oceania enterprise, primarily revenue-based packages for sales professionals and relationship-expansion-based incentives for our consulting professionals.

Note: Professional profiles available on request.

Market Awareness

We plan to achieve industry and client recognition and establish a market reputation by providing superior service delivery and enabling business performance for our clients. Achieving our strategic vision will play a major role in our long-term success and ongoing profitability.

Community Involvement

Oceania Creative will play an active role in community-based organizations to support important arts-based programs as well as continued involvement in business-based professional organizations. Participation in community and business organizations is critical to business success and employee satisfaction. We are actively researching and engaging leading organizations to determine which organizations will best serve the goals of the community at large, our organization, and associated business community partners.

The following is a short list of professional organizations we have sponsored or have participated in.


Each year competition in this market space gets stronger and stronger. Our competitive advantage will be our superior service delivery and client satisfaction; however, in this environment it may not be enough. Thus our focus on leveraging industry and client relationships will become tantamount to continued revenue growth.

This market has a unique competitive model. Companies we will compete against in our dayto-day operations and sales pursuit will range from 3-person high-level consultant partnerships to established, multimillion-dollar advertising agencies such as Ogilvy and business management consultancies such as Accenture and Deloitte & Touche. However, members of our team will exercise high-level relationships particularly with the business management consultancies. Our leadership team has participated with these organizations within high-level engagements—a true win/win environment for revenue generation.

Success to Date

Oceania has had many successful engagements and client experiences to date. Two of which address attainment of strategic intent.

Tangible Results

Client Acquisition

Over the first 16 months of our business operations, Oceania has engaged 35 companies at the Senior Manager through Vice President level with business engagements resulting from 15 percent of those pursued relationships. This has resulted in a 50 percent win rate for sales pursuits.

Market Awareness

Recently, our company has been asked to participate as speakers at several communications/ marketing/design industry conferences. Attaining speaker-level positioning at these conferences is a preliminary indicator or our success in achieving market-leading (topof-mind) executive perceptions.

Organizational results

Over the past 18 months we believe we have assembled a team of 18 highly focused, nimble professionals. Our continued success will be predicated on the basis of our ability to work comprehensively as a team with a high degree of individual performance successes.


All financial projections are estimates and further detailed information and individual services-level reporting are outlined in additional documentation. All financial expectations are based on current level of success, sales performance, and a robust economic environment. A five-year expansion in the U.S. economy has contributed to a robust environment for communications services. This economic environment cannot be predicted or expected for years upcoming. All dollars are listed in millions.

Creative Agency

Pre-2000 not reflected 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Total
Consulting 1.0 2.0 3.2 5.5 7.5 10.2 29.4
Production services 1.2 1.7 2.3 3.1 4.0 5.5 17.8
Other creative services 0.5 1.2 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 14.7
Total Revenue 2.7 4.9 8.0 11.6 15.0 19.7 61.9
Professional and
business operations
1.5 2.2 3.2 4.5 5.7 6.7 23.8
Facilities/comm/equip. 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 13.5
Total Expenses 2.5 3.7 5.2 7.0 8.7 10.2 37.3
Total profit: 0.2 1.2 2.7 4.6 7.7 9.7 24.6

Note #1: This table does not represent distribution of partner and investor profit distribution. Nor does

it represent financial impact of financial institution operating capital interest.

All issues related to Note #1 shall be conducted in detail with written approval of officers on the company.

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