Business Plans - Volume 11

Adventure Travel Lodging Company Business Plan

Cobra Travel Adventure Group (CTAG) is soon to become a leader in the fastest–growing segment of the travel industry: adventure travel. Growing at a solid 15 to 20 percent per year, the demand for adventure travel destinations far outweighs the current supply.

Brewpub Business Plan

The Hopstreet Brewery will be formed to bring patrons a warm and inviting dining experience like no other. The Hopstreet Brewery will feature an eclectic array of homebrewed beers and great food with something for everyone.

Cigar Company Business Plan

Smokescreen Cigars is seeking extra capital to take advantage of the soaring popularity of the cigar. We expect soon to become not only a very profitable business, but one which increase sales and profits by leaps and bounds.

Construction Development & Real Estate Firm Business Plan

Black Pearl Development and Real Estate LLC (hereafter Black Pearl) is an experienced construction and development firm in Texas. Black Pearl is a full–service firm that owns heavy equipment, and offers "in–house" groundbreaking, infrastructure, concrete, framing and final construction services.

Construction and Home Rehabilitation Company Business Plan

Pedro's Construction is in the business of restoring outdated, under–repaired homes to their original beauty. The method in which they do this will be calculated and precise to ensure quality work and quick turnover.

Daycare Facility Business Plan

Rachel's Clubhouse (the "Company") will fill the void for a first–class daycare facility in Sunset, Indiana. There has long been a shortage for quality daycare due to the lack of availability of a competent location.

Giftware Company Business Plan

Jenni Frey Gifts (JFG) is a growth–oriented company that designs and distributes social and personal expression giftware. The company currently features celebration plates and bow ties and scarves, and other products are under development.

Handmade Greeting Card Company Business Plan

What was once a creative hobby for two sisters and a central part in their efforts to stay in touch has turned into a passion, as the two sisters spend hours designing, stamping, cutting, and assembling, habitually filling each other's mailbox with cards and envelopes. This passion for cards has spread to other individuals as well, as these sisters are now skillfully creating cards that are handcrafted, personalized, and unique so that the others might benefit from and enjoy such a gift.

Handyman Service Business Plan

Home owners and apartment renters have requirements for "small job" maintenance, including tasks constructing prefabricated furniture, installing shelving and curtains, hanging artwork, changing lighting fixtures, and many other tasks that are typically referred to as "handyman services".

Homeless Shelter Business Plan

The Saint Patrick Homeless Family Shelter (Patrick House) is an emergency family shelter for women and families in Denver, CO. In November 2004, the Saint Patrick Society (SPS) ended its organizational sponsorship of Patrick House because of excessive financial burden.

Interior Design Company Business Plan

The design business enjoys strong demand as people continue to buy or move into new homes and remodel old ones. According to Home magazine, 46 percent of Americans plan to redecorate or remodel in the next five years, compared with 35 percent in the previous five years.

Interior Painting Service Business Plan

Eyecatching Interiors is an interior painting contractor with combined experience of over thirty years in the industry. The company is located at 1510 Battery Way in Charleston, South Carolina.

Internet Loyalty Program Business Plan offers a unique proposition that is attractive to consumers and to companies. is a business–to–business marketing solution for companies desiring to capitalize on brand recognition and strengthen brand loyalty.

Internet Services Portal Site Business Plan

Net Solutions is a dynamic new entrant in the Internet product and services marketplace. Through powerful marketing tools including their own proprietary product line called The Solutions, direct response television commercials, personalized outbound telemarketing and the retail channel, Net Solutions has successfully demonstrated the ability to effectively acquire customers—to the current tune of 90,000 with 20,000 more being added each month.

Massage Therapists Business Plan

Over a span of 15 years Gavin Cheney had worked in various medical practices as an office manager. Never really getting any training on the medical profession, Gavin enjoyed working for others in the field.

Mentally Disabled Care Facility Business Plan

Welcome Home Organization will provide residential care for the mentally disabled. The organization will be certified as a 501(c) (3) non–profit corporation.

Motorcycle Dealership and Racetrack Business Plan

Zoom Motors is a motorcycle dealership that will be located just 40 miles from Milwaukee in Racine County. The focus of this dealership is off–road recreation and racing.

Online Mortgage Company Business Plan

The communication process involved in closing a mortgage in today's real estate market is a complex, disorganized and often lengthy one. There can be as many as ten different companies participating in the closing of a single transaction.

Pizzeria Business Plan

Corpus Christi, Texas, is a typical coastal Texas small town. There are a large number of second homes and the economy is tourist based.

Private Investigator Business Plan

FBEyes was founded in 2005, by three former police officers. They're friends of the same police force for over 30 years.

Business Plan Template Business Plan

Fictional Food Distributor Business Plan

Fictional Hardware Store Business Plan

Organizations, Agencies, & Consultants Business Plan

Associations Business Plan

Consultants Business Plan

Small Business Administration Regional Offices Business Plan

Small Business Development Centers Business Plan

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) Offices Business Plan

Venture Capital & Financing Companies Business Plan