117 Munson Ave.
Eunice, LA 70677

*Revised April 1995

The original plan appears previous to this one. This updated version reflects the author's adjustments in business strategy as a result of her real-life test of the original plan. Look for plans to expand, as well as changes in the format, content, and production schedule of the newsletter.


This plan is an operating and policy guide for Network Journal, a quarterly newsletter designed as "A Forum for the Like-Minded Seeking Enlightenment," and is a home-based business.


Description of Business

Network Journal is a solely-owned and operated publication, producing and distributing quarterly newsletters pertaining to personal and planetary enlightenment. It is distributed free to distribution points and by annual subscription for $ 10 inside the United States, $ 11 outside the U.S.

The target market area is primarily the United States with interspersion into other countries.

Network Journal had a start-up date of January 6, 1995. Continuous contacts are being made for advertising, subscriptions and distribution commitments. Advertisements, directory listings and events listings are paid by money order, check or cash with submission of information.

The publisher has been granted an occupational license.

Product and Service

The primary product is a multiple-page newsletter offering interviews with holistic practitioners, authors, teachers, philosophers, spiritual leaders, futurists, etc.; book, audio and video reviews; a calendar of events—local, state, some national, and in the near future, international; guest writers of articles and reviews; directory listings and advertisements from persons or businesses that offer products or services that fit the scope of the publication.

The Market

Network Journal provides quality, informal journalistic newsletters to readers in pursuit of connection with persons, services, and/or products promoting enlightenment and self-empowerment as it relates to the individual and his planetary symbiosis by means of free distribution at some locations and by subscriptions, and is offered on a quarterly basis.

The goal is to provide a newsletter, paid for through advertising, subscriptions, directory listings, and events listings, throughout the United States and to other countries.

There are currently 1,000 potential and active advertisers, subscribers, submitters and distributors being targeted and reached.

Readers and contributors are approached via complimentary copies at distribution points and mail, and in the near future through the Louisiana Women's Business Directory. Future advertising in local and national publications is in consideration. Word-of-mouth advertising is occurring.

Location of Business

Network Journal is located and operated at the publisher's residence at 117 Munson Ave, Eunice, Louisiana. Production of the publication requires proper computer equipment, desktop publishing capabilities, laser printer, supplies, telephone, fax machine, and an answering machine. Physical location is important to the extent of having space for equipment and supplies. Printing, assembly, and sorting takes place off-site. Some phases of the publishing process occur offsite until all the equipment needed is acquired by the publisher. The publication is delivered to local distribution points by the publisher. Other distribution points receive copies via a competent shipping service with cost of shipping reduced through use of a discount card granted as part of the South Central Bell Work at Home Connection project. Subscriptions and complimentary copies are mailed using a U.S. Postal Service mail permit for bulk mail, offering a reduction in mailing costs.


At present, there are only four readily-available newsletters being published in the South that are similar to the scope of Network Quarterly. One newsletter is primarily a health-based publication, while another is primarily targeted at business women. Two charge for publications; two are free at distribution points.

Similarities exist in the areas of articles, directory and events listings, reviews, and advertising availability. Currently, none are offering interviews with national as well as local persons, as is the Network Journal. Also, as the Network Journal is targeting a market area of the United States and other countries rather than primarily local areas, articles and interviews are currently being sought and obtained from persons around the united States who are world-renown authors, teachers, and lecturers—as well as persons who operate on a smaller scale. International participants are being contacted.

A significant change has occurred in the format of Network Journal. The publication is arranged so that the reader can start at the beginning and read through each segment without the interruption of moving to another area of the newsletter to finish the segment. Advertising is located in one area of the newsletter in order to assist in the reading flow. White, partially-recycled bond paper is used instead of newsprint paper. The newsletter is printed on 11" × 17" paper, folded and stapled into an 8 1/2" × 11" booklet.

The broader range of interviews and articles published, the larger area targeted for directory, events, and advertising, and the non-typical format of the newsletter allow the Network Quarterly to stand apart from other currently published newsletters.


J. K. McGraw, publisher and manager of Network Journal, has a degree from the University of Louisiana in Office Administration; twenty years of various experiences in bookkeeping, computer operations, and management with a local certified public accounting firm; one year experience as an art editor, contributing editor, and co-publisher of a monthly newsletter for the local chapter of the Sierra Club; and two years experience of publishing a monthly in-house newsletter for a sales and consulting business she owned and operated.

She was a co-developer of a $20,000,000 proposed museum of science and industry, having been involved in project development for six years in the capacity of researcher, editor, and project coordinator. She has also been involved in the local literacy program for adults, co-implementor of the first recycling program in her region, and co-producer of the County Solid Waste program.

Affiliations and studies relating to the scope of Network Journal include Silva Mind Control, Reiki (Level I), The Rosicrucian Order, Unity Church Worldwide, and the International New Thought Alliance.

The publisher will not receive a salary until the publication supports one. When a salary can be supported, it will be parallel to the growth of the publication. Ms. McGraw is currently employed full-time with Michaels and Affiliates, Ltd., A Professional Service Corporation of Certified Public Accountants. She will continue working full-time until the publication of Network Journal warrants her full-time attention.

Network Journal is a small publication with expansion planned and occurring to date. Being published and distributed quarterly, the time required allows Ms. McGraw to operate the business while remaining employed full-time.

The accounting firm for Network Journal is Michaels and Affiliates, Ltd., P.O. Box 10, Scott, Louisiana. The attorney is Robert E. Crenshaw, 1193 Norman Rd., Scott Louisiana.


Network Journal will remain solely operated by J. K. McGraw until such time as additional staff is required.

Financial Comparison: First and Second Quarters

Newsletter*: Network Journal

First Qtr. Second Qtr.
Ads & Subscriptions $456.50 $487.00
Loan - JKM 368.02 534.89
$824.52 $1,021.89
Shipping $10.41 $31.46
Postage 104.68 229.38
Licenses 10.00 0
Miscellaneous 27.80 0
Sales Tax 43.5955.75
Telephone 7.44 25.90
Office Supplies 43.16 20.22
Subscriptions 14.00 0
Publishing 526.78 638.83
Marketing 0 88.03
Bank Service Charge 0 32.95
$787.86 $1,133.03

Cost Per Copy: First Quarter

1,200 12-page copies = 14,400 pages @ .055/page × 12 = .66/issue to produce and distribute.

Cost Per Copy: Second Quarter

1,000 16-page copies = 16,000 pages @ .071/page × 16 = $1.14/issue to produce and distribute.


Although the second quarter indicates a small increase in income compared to the first quarter, with an increase in expenses, the second quarter issue has resulted in advertisements and subscriptions being received from various parts of the United States. Authors of renown that were contacted have expressed an interest in submitting articles or having their books reviewed in the Network Journal. Additional practitioners and spiritual leaders have contacted the publication expressing a desire to advertise or participate in other ways. Local advertisers are experiencing an increase in sales and services, with buyers and clients stating they are responding to information seen in the publication. Distributors of the newsletter are reporting patrons are coming to their shops ahead of the new release date, looking for the next issue. Although the increase dollar-wise in ads from the first to the second quarter was not substantial, more ads were placed.

The mailing list indicates which copies are complimentary and the beginning date. At the end of one year, receivers will be notified that to continue to receive issues, a subscription needs to be sent in. Also, most of the distribution point has been established in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Network Journal is a sole-proprietorship. It publishes and distributes, for free as well as by subscription, a quarterly newsletter under the premise of being a forum for like-minded individuals. It also provides space for advertising for persons and businesses who fit the scope of the newsletter.

Production occurs at the publisher's residence at 117 Munson Ave., Eunice, Louisiana, with distribution in nearly all of the United States, with interspersion into England, Canada, Nova Scotia, Sweden, Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Market Response to date, has indicated an unfilled demand for a method of networking between people who offer services and products in self-enlightenment, holistic and planetary areas, and those who seek them. Ms. McGraw's managerial and sales experience and the assistance of legal and accounting associations, assures the entire operation will be carefully controlled.

Ms. McGraw will be performing the production and distribution until such time as expansion warrants additional personnel.


Newsletter*: Network Journal

Body Text: Style for Banner - Present, Size 30
Headline - Present, Size 12
Style for Text - Courier 12 (8 & 10 where needed)
Indent first line of each paragraph, no space between
Three spaces between segments
Lead Article Headline: Point-Courier 14
Flush Left
Column Heads: Point - Courier 14 or larger
Style same as text
Flush left
Back Page: Disclaimer - Helvetica Black, Size 6
Return Address - Present
NQ size 10 or larger
Address, phone, name - Size 6 or 4
Subscription - Present, Size 6, Bold



Interviews with holistic practitioners, spiritual leaders, authors, philosophers, futurists, and those of similar ilk—local and non-local. Interviews to be conducted by publisher and those who wish to contribute.

Book, Audio, & Video Reviews

New and existing books, audios, and videos reviewed by publisher and those who wish to contribute.


List of events, seminars, and meetings—local and non-local. $5 for 20 words, $.25 for each additional word per quarter.

Guest Writers/Contributors

Contribute articles on holistic practices, spiritual studies, philosophy, and any topic fitting the scope of the publication. A brief biography serves as free advertising for contributors of articles.


Listing of persons or businesses offering services or products that fit the scope of the publication. $5 for 20 words, $.20 for each additional word per quarter.


Businesses, services, and products that fit the scope of the publication.

Newsletter*: Network Journal

Business Card: $40.00 per quarter
1/4 Page: $85.00 per quarter
1/2 Page: $160.00 per quarter
Full Page: $325.00 per quarter

Camera-ready copy is requested. Non-camera ready ads to be discussed. $10 fee for production or alteration of ad by publisher. Listings and ads to be submitted according to deadline with payment by money order, check, or cash.



Individuals involved in the pursuit or distribution of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, and symbiotic planetary information and or practices.


Currently reaching most of the United States with interspersion into England, Canada, Sweden, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico.

What the Readers Know

The readers are either teaching and/or serving in a business capacity or, are looking for services and products that serve their holistic and planetary pursuits.

Where They Currently Get Their Information

Teachers, businesses, and individuals receive information from flyers, word-of-mouth advertising, publications, and minimal advertising. This publication provides strong local, statewide, and national (with some international expected), support of teachers and businesses and provides seekers with more information than normally given through articles, interviews, and reviews rather than solely through advertisements and directory listings. A need for this "network" has been expressed to the publisher by teachers, business persons, and the public.

What My Goal Is

To affect readers and advertisers in a positive manner by providing a source of information to facilitate connection on a global scale, thereby enhancing business for advertisers and each individual's pursuit of personal and planetary enlightenment.

The Goal Simplified

To provide a vehicle for connecting or networking for like-minded individuals seeking enlightenment.

Definition of Purpose

To provide insights and information about new and existing holistic, spiritual, metaphysical, and planetary services and products to interested individuals as well as provide a place for advertising for practitioners, authors, teachers, and all other persons or businesses fitting into the scope of the publication.

To Achieve This Purpose

Network Journal will provide a compilation of information, easy to access through either free distribution at businesses or through subscription for $10 per year inside the U.S., $11 per year outside the U.S. At present, one local public library offers copies for distribution.

Why a Newsletter

Several years ago, a need was expressed locally for a directory listing holistic practitioners, bookstores, persons and/or businesses that offered services and/or products within this scope. A directory was printed and distributed once a year. It ceased operation after the second year because it was not cost-effective.

When this need was expressed to the publisher, it was expressed in the context that perhaps a newsletter that contained a directory was needed. Combining a vehicle for business listings with interviews and articles about and by practitioners, authors, philosophers, teachers, etc., provides readers with more information than usually given for choosing a appealing holistic personal and planetary path, providing the readers with a reason for wanting to read the publication each quarter. This, and the locally noted increase in business as a result of advertisements and reviews in the newsletter, promote continued support of the publication by advertisers and others.

Reader Profile

Individuals, practitioners, authors, philosophers, and like-minded persons or businesses desiring to either inform or become informed about practices, events, or books, audios, and videos relating to self-empowerment in the areas of nutrition, physical well-being, emotional balance, spiritual evolution, and their relationship with planetary responsibility.


Age: 13 and over

Gender: Both

Marital Status: Not Applicable

Education: Ninth grade reading level and above

Business: All Fields

Income Average: Not Applicable


United States

Expanding to other countries now including England, Canada, Sweden, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico


Week One

  1. Make sure all subscriptions & complimentary copies are mailed.
  2. Get copies delivered & shipped to distributors.

Week Two

  1. Prepare Action Grid: Interviews, ads, listings, distributors & number of copies, etc.
  2. Get copies of all forms required for above list.

Week Three

  1. Fill out and mail forms for submissions to publication according to Action Grid.
  2. Schedule interviews.

Week Four

  1. Make contact with local advertisers to determine ad needs, etc.

Week Five

  1. Begin collecting ads, listings, etc.
  2. Conduct interviews.

Week Seven

  1. Begin rough draft.
  2. Edit.

Week Eight

  1. Do final edit.
  2. Do mock-up of ad lay-out.
  3. Get mailing supplies.

Week Nine

  1. Bring final copy to printer.
  2. Make mailing list adds and changes.
  3. Print mailing labels in zip code order.
  4. Get mailing supplies.

Week Ten

  1. Begin targeting interviews, ads, reviews for next issue.

Week Eleven

  1. Receive newsletter from printer.
  2. Begin applying labels.

Week Twelve

  1. Sort mailings and shipping.
  2. Mail and ship newsletter.
  3. Begin distributions.

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