Richard D. ca. Fairbank 1950— Biography

Career: Strategic Planning Associates, 1985–1990, partner and consultant; Signet Banking Corporation, 1990–1994, eventually head of credit-card unit; Capital One Financial Corporation, 1994–, chairman and CEO.

Thomas J. Falk 1958— Biography

Education: University of Wisconsin–Madison, BBA, 1980, Stanford University, MS, 1988.

David N. Farr 1955— Biography

Career: Emerson Electric, 1981–2000, various positions, including manager of investor relations, vice president of corporate planning and development, and chief operating officer; 2000–, chief executive officer.

Jim Farrell 1943— Biography

Education: University of Detroit, bachelor's in electrical engineering, 1965.

Franz Fehrenbach 1949— Biography

Career: Bosch Group, 1975–1976, trainee; 1976–1978, assistant in the Office of the Executive Management for Electrical and Electronic Engine Equipment Division; 1978–1980, director of Materials Planning and Logistics for Stuttgart-Feuerbach Alternator Plant; 1980–1982, commercial plant manager of Hildesheim Plant, GΓΆttingen Branch; 1982–1985, vice president of Planning and Controlling; 1985–1989, vice president and executive vice president of Finance and Administration; Robert Bosch Corporation, Automotive Group (USA), 1989–1994, executive vice president of Starters and Alternators Division; 1994–1996, president of Starters and Alternators Division; 1996–1997, executive vice president of Finance and Administration for Diesel Systems Division; 1997–1999, president of Diesel Systems Division; 1999–2003, member of board of management; 2003–, CEO.

Pierre FΓ©raud Biography

Address: Foncière Euris, 83 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, 75008 Paris, France; http://www.fonciereeuris.fr.

E. James Ferland 1942— Biography

Education: University of Maine, BS, 1964; University of New Haven, MBA, 1976.

Dominique Ferrero Biography

β–  When Dominique Ferrero suddenly resigned his position as deputy chief executive of French banking giant CrΓ©dit Agricole in December 2003, the news shook the international banking world. Ferrero, former chief executive officer of CrΓ©dit Lyonnais, one of France's biggest banks, had been instrumental in arranging the huge merger between CrΓ©dit Lyonnais and CrΓ©dit Agricole.

Trevor Fetter 1960— Biography

Education: Stanford University, bachelor's degree, 1982; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1986.

John Finnegan 1949— Biography

Education: Princeton University, BA; Fordham University, LLD; Rutgers University, MBA.

Carly Fiorina 1954— Biography

Education: Stanford University, BA, 1976; Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland, College Park, MBA, 1980; Sloan School of Business at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MS.

Paul Fireman 1944— Biography

Career: Family sporting goods store, ?–1979; Reebok International, 1979–, chief executive officer.

Jay S. Fishman 1952— Biography

Education: University of Pennsylvania, BA, 1974; University of Pennsylvania, MS, 1974.

Niall FitzGerald 1945— Biography

Family: Son of William FitzGerald, a customs officer, and Doreen Chambers; married Monica Mary Cusack, 1970 (deceased); married name unknown; children: three (from first marriage), one (from second marriage).

Dennis J. FitzSimons 1950— Biography

Career: Stock-transfer company, 1972, account officer; Grey Advertising, 1972–1973, assistant buyer; Peters, Griffin, Woodward, 1973–1975, marketing representative; Blair Television, 1975–1977, marketing representative; TeleRep, 1977–1981, account executive, then program salesman; Viacom, 1981, director of sales and marketing; 1982, director of sales and marketing for WVIT-TV; Tribune Company, 1982–1984, director of sales; 1984–1985, station general manager of WGNO-TV; 1985–1987, vice president of operations for Tribune Broadcasting; 1987–1991, vice president and general manager of WGN-TV; 1992–1994, president of Tribune Broadcasting's Tribune Television Division; 1994–2003, executive vice president of Tribune Broadcasting; 2000, executive vice president; 2001–2003, president and COO; 2003–2004, CEO and president; 2004–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Olav Fjell 1951— Biography

Education: Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, MSc, 1975.

John E. Fletcher 1952— Biography

Career: Brambles Industries, 1974–1982, accounting, operating, and senior management positions; 1982–1984, general manager of Transport Division; 1984–1986, commercial director; 1986–1988, managing director of CHEP Australia; 1988–1993, managing director of Brambles Australia; 1993–2001, CEO; Coles Myer, 2001–, managing director and CEO.

William P. Foley II 1944— Biography

Education: U.S. Military Academy, BS, 1967; Seattle University, MBA, 1970; University of Washington School of Law, JD, 1974.

Jean-Martin Folz 1947— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole Polytechnique and Γ‰cole des Mines, engineering degree, 1971.

Scott T. Ford 1962— Biography

Family: Son of Joe T. Ford (retired Alltel CEO) and Jo Ellen Wilbourne Ford (daughter of Allied Telephone Company founder Hugh Randolph Wilbourne Jr.); married, 1984; children: three.

William Clay Ford Jr. 1957— Biography

Education: Princeton University, BA, 1979; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MBA, 1984.

Gary D. Forsee 1950— Biography

Career: Southwestern Bell, 1972–1987, positions in operations; AT&T, 1987–1989, vice president of service operations; Sprint, 1989–1991, general manager and vice president of government systems division; 1991–1993, president of government systems division and president of business services group; 1993–1994, senior vice president of staff operations for long-distance division; 1994–1995, interim chief executive officer of PCS (wireless) division; 1995–1997, president and chief operating officer of long-distance division; Global One, 1998–1999, president and chief executive officer; BellSouth Corporation, 1999–2000, executive vice president and chief staff officer; BellSouth International, 2000–2001, president; Cingular Wireless, 2001, chairman of the board; BellSouth, 2002, vice chairman of the board; Sprint, 2003–, chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

Kent B. Foster 1944— Biography

Education: North Carolina State University, BS, 1965; University of Southern California, MBA, 1969.

Charlie Fote 1949— Biography

Career: Framingham Trust, vice president of operations; First Data Corporation (then owned by American Express), Omaha First Data Resources unit, 1975–1981, director of special projects; American Express Money Order Division, 1981–1985, vice president of finance and planning; American Express Travel Related Services' Data Based Services Group, 1985–1989, executive vice president; First Data Corporation, Integrated Payment Systems subsidiary, 1989–1991, president; 1991–1998, Payment Services businesses, 1997–1998, executive vice president, and Merchant Services businesses (additional responsibilities); First Data Corporation, 1998–2002, president, chief operating officer; January 2002–, chief executive officer; January 2003–, chairman of the board.

Jean-RenΓ© Fourtou 1939— Biography

Career: Bossard & Michel, 1963–1972, engineering consultant; Bossard Consultants, 1972–1977, member, board of directors; Bossard Consultants, 1977–1986, chief operating officer; RhΓ΄ne-Poulenc, 1986–1999, chairman and chief executive officer; Aventis, 1999–2002, vice chairman of management board; 2002–, honorary chairman; Vivendi Universal, 2002–, chairman and chief executive officer; International Chamber of Commerce, 2003–, president.

H. Allen Franklin 1944— Biography

Career: Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, 1967–1970, various positions; Southern Company, 1970–1979, various engineering positions; Alabama Power, 1979–1981, assistant to executive vice president; 1981–1983, senior vice president; Southern Company Services, 1988–1994, president and CEO; Georgia Power, 1994–1999, president and CEO; Southern Company, 1999–2001, president and COO; 2001–2004, president, CEO, and chairman of the board.

Tom Freston 1945— Biography

Education: Received undergraduate degree from Saint Michael's College; New York University, MBA, 1970.

Takeo Fukui 1944— Biography

Career: Honda Motor Company, 1969–1979, engineer; Honda R&D Company, 1979–1982, chief engineer; Honda Racing Corporation, 1982–1983, chief engineer; 1983–1985, director; 1985–1987, executive vice president; Honda R&D Company, 1987–1988, managing director; Honda Racing Corporation, 1987–1988, president; Honda Motor Company, 1988–1990, director; Honda R&D Company, 1990–1991, senior managing director; Honda Motor Company, 1991–1992, general manager of Motorcycle Development; 1992–1994, general manager of Hamamatsu Factory, Motorcycle Operations; Honda of America Manufacturing, 1994–1996, executive vice president and director; Honda Motor Company, 1996–1998, managing director; Honda of America Manufacturing, 1996–1998, president and director; Honda R&D Company, 1998–2003, president; Honda Motor Company, 1999–2003, senior managing and representative director; 2003–, president and CEO.

Richard S. Fuld Jr. 1946— Biography

Born: April 26, 1946, in New York City, New York.

S. Marce Fuller 1960— Biography

Education: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, BS, 1983; Union College, MS, 1984.

Masaaki Furukawa Biography

Career: Toyota Tsusho Corporation, dates unknown, various positions including president.

Joseph Galli Jr. 1959— Biography

Education: University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, BA, 1980; Loyola College, MBA, 1987.

Louis Gallois 1944— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole des Hautes Γ‰tudes Commerciales; Γ‰cole Nationale d'Administration.

Christopher B. Galvin 1950— Biography

Education: Northwestern University, BS, 1973; J. L.

Roy A. Gardner 1945— Biography

Family: Son of Roy Thomas Gardner (carpenter) and Iris Joan (maiden name unknown); married Carol Ann Barker, 1969; children: three.

Bill Gates 1955— Biography

Family: Son of William Henry Gates II (attorney) and Mary Maxwell (teacher); married Melinda French (Microsoft manager), January 1, 1994; children: three.

David Geffen 1943— Biography

Born: February 21, 1943, in New York City, New York.

Jay M. ca. Gellert 1956— Biography

Career: California Healthcare System, 1985–1988, senior vice president and chief operating officer; Bay Pacific Health Corporation, 1988–1991, president and chief executive officer; Shattuck Hammond Partners, 1991–1996; Health Systems International, 1996–1997, chairman of the board of directors, president, and chief operating officer; Foundation Health Systems (later renamed Health Net), 1997–1998, president and chief operating officer; 1998–, president and chief executive officer.

Louis V. Gerstner Jr. 1942— Biography

Education: Dartmouth College, BA, 1963; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1965.

John E. Gherty 1945— Biography

Career: Land O'Lakes, 1970–1979, attorney; 1979–1981, assistant to the president; 1981–1989, group vice president and chief administration officer; 1989–, CEO and president.

Carlos Ghosn 1954— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole Polytechnique, 1974; Γ‰cole des Mines de Paris, 1978.

Charles K. Gifford 1942— Biography

Family: Son of Clarence H. (banker) and Priscilla Kilvert; married Anne Dewing, 1964; children: four.

Raymond V. Gilmartin 1941— Biography

Education: Union College, BS, 1963; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1968.

Larry C. Glasscock 1948— Biography

Family: Son of Oscar Claborn and Betty Lou Norman; married Lee Ann Roden; children: two.

Robert D. Glynn Jr. 1942— Biography

Education: Manhattan College, BS, 1964; Long Island University, MS, 1967.

Francisco GonzΓ‘lez RodrΓ­guez 1944— Biography

Career: FG Inversiones BursΓ‘tiles, 1987–1996, president; Argentaria, 1996–1999, chief executive officer; Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, 2000–, chief executive officer.

David R. Goode 1941— Biography

Education: Duke University, AB, 1962; Harvard Law School, JD, 1965.

Jim Goodnight 1943— Biography

Education: North Carolina State University, BS, 1965; MS, 1968; PhD, 1972.

Fred A. Goodwin 1959— Biography

Career: Rosyth Royal Dockyard, 1985–1987, contract manager; Touche Ross, dates unknown, partner; Bank of Credit and Commerce International, dates unknown, chief operating officer; National Australia Bank, dates unknown, chief executive officer and director; Royal Bank of Scotland, 1998–2000, group chief executive; 2000–, CEO.

Chip W. Goodyear 1958— Biography

Education: Yale University, BS, 1980; Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, MBA, 1983.

Andrew Gould 1946— Biography

Career: Ernst & Young, ?–1975; Schlumberger, 1975–1977, Internal Audit Paris; 1977–1979, controller, Schlumberger Instrument Velizy; 1979–1981, controller, FEA Wireline; 1981–1982, coltroller, Forex Neptune; 1982–1984, controller, Drilling & Production Services; 1984, vice president, Finance Dowell Schlumberger Houston; 1984–1985, treasurer, Atlantic Asia; 1985–1986, controller, Wireline & Testing; 1986–1990, treasurer, SL NY; 1990–1991, vice president operations, Sedco Forex; 1991–1993, president of Sedco Forex, 1993–1998, president of Wireline & Testing; 1998–1999, president of Oilfield Services Products; 1999–2002, executive vice president of Oilfield Services; 2002, president and COO; 2003–, chairman and CEO.

William E. Greehey 1936— Biography

Education: St. Mary's University of San Antonio, Texas, BBA, 1960.

Stephen K. Green 1948— Biography

Family: Son of Dudley Keith Green and Dorothy Rosamund Mary Wickham; married Janian Joy, 1971; children: two.

Hank Greenberg 1925— Biography

Education: University of Miami, BA, 1948; New York Law School, LLB, 1950.

Jeffrey W. Greenberg 1951— Biography

Education: Brown University, AB, 1973; Georgetown University Law School, JD, 1976.

Robert Greenberg 1940— Biography

Family: Son of Harry Greenberg (grocer) and Belle (maiden name unknown); married (wife's name unknown; divorced); children: six.

J. Barry ca. Griswell 1949— Biography

Career: MetLife Marketing Corporation, dates unknown, president and chief executive officer; Principal Financial Group, 1988–1991, agency vice president; 1991–1996, senior vice president of individual insurance; 1996–1998, executive vice president; 1998–2000, president; 2000–, president and CEO, 2002–, chairman.

Rijkman W. J. Groenink 1949— Biography

Education: University of Utrecht, law degree; Manchester University Business School, DipBA, 1973.

Andy Grove 1936— Biography

Education: City College of New York, BS, 1960; University of California, Berkeley, PhD, 1963.

Oswald J. GrΓΌbel 1943— Biography

Career: White Weld Securities, 1970–1978, Eurobond trader; 1978–1985, CEO; CrΓ©dit Suisse First Boston, 1985–1986, corporate chairman and chairman of Futures Trading in Zurich and of Asia division; 1986–1987, member of the Nederlands Supervisory Board; 1987–1988, CEO of Hong Kong division; 1988–1991, deputy chairman and member of group executive committee; CrΓ©dit Suisse Group, 1991–2002, member of executive board; Credit Suisse First Boston, 1997–1998, member of the executive board and head of Global Trading; CrΓ©dit Suisse Financial Services, 1998–, CEO; CrΓ©dit Suisse Group, 2003–, co-CEO.

Jerry A. Grundhofer 1945— Biography

Family: Son of a bartender and a house cleaner; married (wife's name unknown).

Rajiv L. Gupta 1945— Biography

Education: Indian Institute of Technology, BS, 1967; Cornell University, MS, 1969; Drexel University, MBA, 1971.

Carlos M. Gutierrez 1953— Biography

Family: Son of Pedro (pineapple plantation owner) and Olga (Fernandez) Gutierrez; married Edilia Cabrera, c. 1975; children: three.

Robert Haas 1942— Biography

Education: University of California, Berkeley, BS, 1964; Harvard Graduate School of Business, MBA, 1968.

David D. Halbert 1956— Biography

Family: Son of a physician; married (wife's name unknown).

Hiroshi Hamada 1933— Biography

Career: Ricoh Company, 1957–1975, various positions; 1975–1983, director; 1983–1996, president; 1996–2003, chairman and chief executive officer; 2003–, chairman.

Toru Hambayashi Biography

Career: Nichimen Corporation, 1997–1998, COO of Chemicals, Plastics, and Energy Group; 1998–1999, COO of Consumer and General Products Group; 1999, executive vice president and chief information officer; 2000–2001, head of Net Commerce Business Team; 2001–2003, president; Nissho Iwai–Nichimen Holdings Corporation, 2003–2004, chairman and co-CEO.

JΓΌrgen Hambrecht 1946— Biography

Career: BASF, 1976–1985, chemist; Lacke und Farben, 1985–1990, head of research and purchasing; 1990–1995, president of Engineering Plastics Division; BASF, 1995–2002, president of East Asia Division; 2002–, chairman.

John H. Hammergren 1959— Biography

Education: University of Minnesota, BBA, 1981; Xavier University, MBA, 1987.

H. Edward Hanway 1951— Biography

Education: Loyola College of Baltimore, BA, 1974; Widener University, MBA, 1984.

George J. Harad 1944— Biography

Education: Franklin and Marshall College, BA, 1965; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1971.

William B. Harrison Jr. 1943— Biography

Education: University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, BA, 1966; completed Harvard Business School International Senior Management Programme, 1967.

Richard Harvey 1950— Biography

Career: Phoenix Assurance, trainee; Sun Alliance, various positions until 1986; 1987–1990, general manager, New Zealand operations; Norwich Union, 1992–1993, regional chief executive officer, New Zealand; 1993–1994, general manager, finance department, UK; 1995–1997, finance director; 1998–1999, chief executive officer; CGNU (renamed Aviva in 2002), 2000, deputy chief executive officer; 2001–, chief executive officer; Association of British Insurers, 2003–, chairman.

William Haseltine 1944— Biography

Education: University of California, Berkeley, BA, 1966; Harvard University, PhD, 1973.

Andy Haste 1962— Biography

Career: National Westminster Bank, dates unknown, president of U.S. consumer credit retail banking; GE Capital UK, dates unknown, president and chief executive officer of Global Consumer Finance Europe; AXA Sun Life, 1999–2003, chief executive officer and director of AXA UK; Royal & SunAlliance, 2003–, chief executive officer.

Lewis Hay III Biography

Education: Lehigh University, bachelor's degree; Carnegie Mellon University, MBA.

William F. Hecht 1943— Biography

Career: Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL), 1964–1968, project engineer; 1968–1972, senior project engineer; 1972–1975, manager, distribution planning; 1975–1976, executive director, Corporate Energy Planning Council; 1976–1978, manager, systems planning; 1978–1984, vice president, system power; 1984–1987, vice president, marketing and economic development; 1987–1990, vice president, power production and engineering; senior vice president, system power and engineering; 1990–1991, executive vice president of operations; 1991–, president, 1993–, chairman and chief executive officer.

Bert Heemskerk 1943— Biography

Education: Wolfgang Goethe UniversitΓ€t, bachelor's degree, 1965; UniversitΓ© Catholique de Paris, master's degree, 1966; Karls Eberhard UniversitΓ€t, PhD, 1969; Nederlands Economische Hogeschool, bachelor's degree, 1972.

Rainer Hertrich 1949— Biography

Career: Siemens, 1969–1971, apprentice; 1977, Messerschmitt-BΓΆlkow-Blohm, information processing supervisor, military aircraft division; 1979–1983, head, service division controlling department; 1983–1984, CFO, service division; 1984–1987, head, controlling and finance department; 1987–1990, CFO, marine and special products division; Deutsche Aerospace, 1990–1991, vice president, corporate controlling; DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, 1991–1996, senior vice president, corporate controlling; 1996–2000, head, aeroengines business unit; Motorenund Turbinen-Union MΓΌnchen, 1996–2000, president and CEO; DASA, 1996–2000, executive committee member; DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG, 2000, president and CEO; European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), 2000– Co-CEO, chairman of executive committee, and member of board of management.

John B. Hess 1954— Biography

Family: Son of Leon Hess (business executive) and Norma (maiden name unknown); married Susan Elizabeth Kessler.

Laurence E. Hirsch 1946— Biography

Education: University of Pennsylvania, BS, 1967; Villanova University School of Law, JD, 1971.

Betsy Holden 1955— Biography

Education: Duke University, BA, 1977; Northwestern University, MA, 1978; MBA (Master's of Management and Finance in marketing), 1982.

Chad Holliday 1948— Biography

Family: Son of Charles O. Holliday Sr.

Katsuhiko Honda Biography

Career: Japan Tobacco, 1994–1995, executive director, personnel and labor relations; 1995–1996, executive director, tobacco headquarters; 1996–1998, executive vice president; 1998–2000, senior executive vice president; 2000–, president and chief executive officer; 2001–, representative director.

van B. Honeycutt 1945— Biography

Career: Computer Sciences Corporation, 1975–1983, regional marketing director for time-sharing and value-added network; CSC Credit Services, 1983–1987, president; CSC Industry Services Group, 1987–1993, president; Computer Sciences Corporation, 1987–1993, corporate vice president; 1993–2003, president; 1993–1995, chief operating officer; 1995–, chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

Kazutomo Robert Hori 1965— Biography

Career: Paradise Web Company, 1994, cofounder, president, and chief executive officer; Cybird Company, 1998–, founder, president, and chief executive officer.

Janice Bryant Howroyd 1952— Biography

Education: North Carolina A&T State University, English degree; University of Maryland, master's degree; North Carolina State University, PhD.

Ancle Hsu 1961— Biography

Address: 2919 East Philadelphia Street, Ontario, California 91761; www.apexdigitalinc.com.

GΓΌnther HΓΌlse 1942— Biography

Career: State of North Rhine–Westphalia, fiscal administrator; Franz Haniel & Cie, 1982–2001, head, tax department; chairman of board, 2001–.

L. Phillip Humann 1946— Biography

Career: Trust Company of Georgia (later renamed SunTrust), 1969–?; Trust Company Bank, 1985–1989, chairman and chief executive officer; SunTrust Banks, 1989–, president and chief executive officer.

Franz B. Humer 1946— Biography

Career: ICME Zurich, 1971–1973; Schering Plough Corporation, 1973–1981, assistant to the vice president (Europe, Africa, Middle East), general manager (Ecuador, UK, Portugal); Glaxo Wellcome, 1981–1995, area controller, head of group product licensing, director of marketing development and product licensing, managing director of Glaxo Pharmaceutical Limited, director of Glaxo Holding, chief operating director of Glaxo Holding; Roche Group, 1995–, member of the corporate executive committee, head of the pharmaceuticals division; 1996–1998, COO; 1998–, CEO; 2001–, chairman of the board of directors.

Nobuyuki Idei 1937— Biography

Family: Father was international economics professor at Waseda University; married Teruyo; children: one.

Robert Iger 1951— Biography

Family: Married Susan (maiden name unknown; divorced 1994); married Willow Bay (TV news anchor), 1995; children: four (first marriage, two; second marriage, two).

Jeffrey R. Immelt 1956— Biography

Family: Son of Joseph Immelt (manager of General Electric Aircraft Engines Division) and Donna (schoolteacher; maiden name unknown); married Andrea Allen (General Electric customer-service representative), 1986; children: one.

Ray R. Irani 1935— Biography

Education: American Institute of Beirut, BS, 1953; University of Southern California, PhD, 1957.

Michael J. Jackson 1949— Biography

Career: Mercedes-Benz North America, 1974–1979, technical specialist and, later, job in marketing; Euro Motorcars, 1979–1990, managing partner; Mercedes-Benz North America, 1990–1997, variety of marketing positions, including executive vice president, marketing; Mercedes-Benz USA, 1997–1999, president and, later, CEO; AutoNation, 1999, CEO and director; 2003–, CEO, director, and chairman.

Tony James 1951— Biography

Education: Harvard College, BA, 1973; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1975.

Charles H. Jenkins Jr. 1944— Biography

Education: Emory University, BBA, 1964; MBA, 1965; Harvard, PhD, 1969.

David Ji 1952— Biography

Address: 2919 East Philadelphia Street, Ontario, California 91761; http://www.apexdigitalinc.com.

Jiang Jianqing Biography

Education: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, BS; Shanghai Jiaotong University, MS.

Steve Jobs 1955— Biography

Family: Adopted son of Paul (bill collector) and Clara (accountant) Jobs; married Laurene Powell; children: four.

Jeffrey A. Joerres 1960— Biography

Career: IBM Corporation, 1983–1987, various management positions; ARI Network Services, 1987–1993, vice president of sales and marketing; Manpower, 1993–1995, vice president of marketing, 1995–1998, senior vice president of Major Account Development, 1998–1999, senior vice president of European Operations, 1999–2001, CEO and president, 2001–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Leif Johansson 1951— Biography

Family: Son of Lennart (business executive and industrialist) and Inger Hedberg Johansson; married Eva Birgitta Fjellman; children: five.

Abby Johnson 1961— Biography

Education: Hobart and William Smith College, BA, 1984; Harvard University, MBA, 1988.

John D. Johnson 1949— Biography

Career: Western Electric, 1970–1974, production supervisor; ConAgra, 1974–1976, feed salesman; Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association, 1976–1981, feed consultant; 1981–1986, regional sales manager; 1986–1989, director of sales; 1989–1992, vice president and general manager, GTA Feeds; Harvest States Cooperatives, 1992–1994, vice president, farm marketing and supply division; 1994–1998, president and chief executive officer; Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives (later CHS), 1998–2000, president and general manager; 2000–, president and chief executive officer.

John H. Johnson 1918— Biography

Family: Son of Leroy Johnson (sawmill worker and laborer) and Gertrude Johnson Williams (domestic); married Eunice Walker; children: two.

Robert L. Johnson 1946— Biography

Education: University of Illinois, BA, 1968; Princeton University, MPA, 1972.

William R. Johnson 1949— Biography

Education: University of California–Los Angeles, BA, 1971; University of Texas–Austin, MBA, 1974.

Lawrence R. Johnston 1949— Biography

Career: General Electric (GE), 1972, management trainee; 1972–1978, retail-sales management in GE Appliances (GEA); 1979–1983, marketing manager; 1983–1989, merchandising manager for Washington, D.C., then Cleveland, Ohio, regions, then manager of GEA's Eastern Sales and Distribution, president of International GE Puerto Rico, general manager of Domestic Sales Operations; 1989–1997, vice president of sales and distribution for GEA and corporate vice president; 1997–1999, president and CEO of GE Medical Systems, Europe; 1999–2000, president and CEO of GEA and corporate senior vice president; Albertsons, 2001–, chairman and CEO.

Jeff Jordan 1959— Biography

Career: Boston Consulting Group, 1987–1990, consultant; Walt Disney Company, 1990–1998, various positions, senior vice president and chief financial officer, The Disney Store; Hollywood Entertainment Corporation, 1998–1999, chief financial officer, president, Reel.com; eBay Inc., 1999–2000, vice president, regionals and services; 2000–, senior vice president, U.S. business.

Michael H. Jordan 1936— Biography

Education: Yale University, BS, 1957; Princeton University, MS, 1959; U.S. Navy Westinghouse Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, certificate in nuclear engineering, 1960.

Abdallah Jum'ah 1941— Biography

Education: Attended American University of Cairo; American University of Beirut, BA, 1968; attended Harvard Business School, Program for Management Development, 1976; attended King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

Andrea Jung 1959— Biography

Family: Daughter of Hong Kong–born father (architect) and Shanghai-born mother (pianist and chemical engineer); married Michael Gould (CEO of Bloomingdale's; separated); children: two.

William G. Jurgensen 1952— Biography

Career: Norwest Corporation, 1973–1990, eventually executive vice president; First Chicago NBD Corporation, 1990–1998, chief financial officer and executive vice president; Bank One Corporation, 1998–2000, executive vice president of corporate banking; Nationwide Financial Services and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, 2000–, chief executive officer.

Eugene S. Kahn Biography

Career: Gimbel's East, 1971–1973, assistant buyer; 1973–1976, buyer; Bamberger's Department Store, 1976–1984, buyer, then held various merchandising positions; 1984–1988, senior vice president and general merchandise manager; Macy's Northeast, 1988–1989, group senior vice president; Macy's South/Bullock's, 1989–1990, group senior vice president; May Department Stores Company, 1990–1992, president and CEO of G. Fox division; 1992–1996, president and CEO of Filene's division; 1996–1997, vice chairman; 1997–1998, executive vice chairman; 1998–, president, CEO and chairman.

Akinobu Kanasugi 1941— Biography

Education: Keio University, BS, 1964; University of California, Los Angeles, MBA, 1967.

Isao Kaneko 1938— Biography

Career: Japan Airlines Company, 1958–1998, industrial relations and human resources; 1998–2002, president; Japan Airlines Systems Company, 2002–2004, CEO; Japan Airlines International Company, 2004–, chairman and CEO.

Ryotaro Kaneko 1939— Biography

Career: Meiji Life Insurance Company, 1994, managing director, 1994–1998, senior managing director; 1998–2004, president; Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group, 2001–, director; auditor with Japanese Institute for Overseas Investment; Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, 2004–, president.

Mel Karmazin 1943— Biography

Family: Married (wife's name unknown; divorced 1996); children: two.

Karen Katen 1948— Biography

Career: Pfizer, 1974–1983, marketing associate in Roerig Division, then marketing and general-management positions; 1983–1986, vice president of marketing; 1986–1991, vice president and director of operations; 1991–1993, vice president and general manager; 1993–, executive vice president of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group; 1995–, president of Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals and corporate executive vice president.

Jeffrey Katzenberg 1950— Biography

Family: Son of a stockbroker and a tapestry artist (names unknown); married Marilyn Siegel (schoolteacher); children: two.

Jim Kavanaugh 1963— Biography

Career: Major Indoor Soccer League, 1986–1987, player; Future Electronics, 1988–1990, sales manager; World Wide Technology, 1990–1999, president; Telcobuy.com, 1999–2002, CEO; World Wide Technology, 2002–, CEO.

Robert Keegan 1947— Biography

Education: Le Moyne College, BS, c. 1969; University of Rochester, MBA, 1972.

Herb Kelleher 1931— Biography

Education: Wesleyan University, BA, 1953; New York University, LLB, 1956.

Edmund F. Kelly 1946— Biography

Education: Queen's University, Belfast, bachelor's degree; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky 1963— Biography

Family: Son of a construction worker and a production engineer; married twice; children: four.

Naina Lal Kidwai 1957— Biography

Family: Daughter of an insurance company CEO; married Rashid K. Kidwai (managing director); children: two.

Kerry K. Killinger 1949— Biography

Career: Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska, 1972–1975, investment analyst; Murphey Favre, 1976–1982, securities analyst, then executive vice president; Washington Mutual, 1983–1986, executive vice president of financial management, investor relations, and corporate marketing; 1986–1988, senior vice president; 1988–1990, director; 1990–1991, president and chief executive officer; 1991–, chairman, president, and chief executive officer.

James M. Kilts 1948— Biography

Education: Knox College, BA, 1970; University of Chicago, MBA, 1974.

Eric Kim 1954— Biography

Education: Harvey Mudd College, BS; University of California–Los Angeles, MS; Harvard, MBA.

Kim Jung-tae 1947— Biography

Career: Cho Hung Bank, 1974–1976, research clerk; Daishin Securities Company, 1976–1982, eventually executive director; Dongwon Securities, 1982–1997, eventually vice president of Dongwon Venture Capital; 1997–1998, CEO; Housing & Commercial Bank, 1998–2001, CEO and president; Kookmin Bank, 2001–, CEO and president.

Ewald Kist 1944— Biography

Family: Son of a Netherlands Supreme Court justice; married Ammy (a lawyer); children: five.

Gerard J. Kleisterlee 1946— Biography

Career: Royal Philips Electronics, 1974–1981, manufacturing management in Medical Systems; 1981–1986, general manager of Professional Audio Systems; 1986–1994, general manager of Display Components Europe; 1994–1996, managing director of Display Components Worldwide; 1996–1999, president in Taiwan; 1996–1999, regional manager of Components in Asia Pacific; 1999–2000, president and CEO of Components; 2000–2001, executive vice president and COO; 2001–, chair of management board and president.

Lowry F. Kline 1940— Biography

Family: Son of James Franklin Kline; married Jane (maiden name unknown); children: three.

Philip H. Knight 1938— Biography

Education: University of Oregon, BBA, 1959; Stanford University, MBA, 1962.

Charles Koch 1935— Biography

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BA, 1957; MA, 1958; MA, 1959.

Richard Jay Kogan 1941— Biography

Education: City College of the City University of New York, BA, 1963; Stern School of Business at New York University, MBA, 1968.

John Koo 1946— Biography

Born: December 11, 1946, in Jinjoo, Kyongsang Nambo province, Korea.

Timothy Koogle 1951— Biography

Education: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, BS, 1973; Stanford University, MS, 1975, PhD, 1977.

Hans-Joachim KΓΆrber 1946— Biography

Career: R. A.

Richard M. Kovacevich 1943— Biography

Career: General Mills, planner; GM, mergers and acquisitions; division manager; Citicorp Group, executive; Norwest, 1986–1989, vice chairman and head of banking group; 1986–1993, chief operations officer; 1989–1993, president; 1993–1998, chief executive officer; 1995–1998, chairman; Wells Fargo & Company, 1998–2001, president; 1998–, chief executive officer; 2001–, chairman.

Dennis Kozlowski 1946— Biography

Family: Son of Leo Kelly (investigator) and Agnes (Kozell; school crossing guard) Kozlowski; married Angeles Suarez (divorced); married Karen Lee Mayo (waitress), 2000; children: two (first marriage).

Sallie Krawcheck 1965— Biography

Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA, 1987; Columbia University, MBA, 1992.

Ronald L. Kuehn Jr. 1935— Biography

Born: April 6, 1935, in New York City, New York.

Ken Kutaragi 1950— Biography

Family: Son of the owners of family printing business (names unknown).

Alan J. Lacy 1953— Biography

Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, BS, 1975; Emory University, MBA, 1977.

A. G. Lafley 1947— Biography

Education: Hamilton College, BA, 1969; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1977.

Igor Landau 1944— Biography

Career: La Compagnie du Roneo, 1968–1970, president; McKinsey & Company, 1971–1975, consultant; RhΓ΄ne-Poulenc Group, 1975–1977, deputy to the president in health division; 1977–1980, executive vice president in health division; 1980–1992, president of health division; 1992–1998, president; Aventis, 1998–2002, president of pharmaceutical division, board member; 2002–2004, chairman and CEO; Sanofi-Aventis, 2004–, board member.

Robert W. Lane 1949— Biography

Education: Wheaton College, BBA, 1972; University of Chicago, MBA, 1974.

Sherry Lansing 1944— Biography

Family: Daughter of Norton and Margo L. Heimann; married William Friedkin (film director), 1991; children: two.

Jean Laurent 1944— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole Nationale SupΓ©rieure de l'AΓ©ronautique; Wichita State University, MS.

Kase L. Lawal 1954— Biography

Education: Texas Southern University, BS, 1976; Prairie View A&M, MBA, 1978.

Rob Lawes 1967— Biography

Career: Video Arts Television, 1986–1989, runner, chief accountant; HIT Entertainment, 1989–, various positions, including director of finance, director of corporate development, commercial director, and chief executive officer.

Ken Lay 1942— Biography

Education: University of Missouri, BA, 1964; MA, 1965; University of Houston, PhD, 1970.

Shelly Lazarus 1947— Biography

Family: Daughter of Lewis Braff (a certified public accountant) and Sylvia; married George Lazarus (pediatrician), 1970; children: three.

Terry Leahy 1956— Biography

Education: University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, BS.

Lee Yong-kyung 1943— Biography

Education: Seoul National University, BS, 1964; University of Oklahoma, MS, 1969; University of California, Berkeley, PhD, 1975.

David J. Lesar 1954— Biography

Career: Arthur Andersen Company, 1978–1993, commercial group director and partner; Halliburton Energy Services, 1993–1995, executive vice president of finance and administration; Halliburton Company, 1995–1996, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Brown and Root, 1996–1997, president and chief executive officer; Halliburton Company, 1997–2000, president and chief operating officer; 2000–, chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer.

R. Steve ca. Letbetter 1959— Biography

Career: Haskins & Sells, ?–1977, certified public accountant; Houston Light & Power, 1974–1977, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer; 1977–1978, assistant comptroller; 1978–1983, comptroller; 1981–1983, vice president; 1983–1988, vice president, regulatory relations; 1988–1993, group vice president, finance and regulatory relations; 1993–1997, president and chief executive officer; Houston Industries, 1997–2000, president and chief operating officer; Reliant Energy, 1999–2000, president; 2000–2002, chairman, president, and chief executive officer; Reliant Resources, 2002–2003, chairman and chief executive officer.

Gerald Levin 1939— Biography

Education: Haverford College, BA, 1960; University of Pennsylvania, LLB, 1963.

Arthur Levinson 1950— Biography

Education: University of Washington, BS, 1972; Princeton University, PhD, 1977.

Kenneth D. Lewis 1947— Biography

Education: Georgia State University, BS, 1969; Stanford University, graduate of Executive Program.

Victor Li 1964— Biography

Career: Husky Energy Incorporated, 1987–2001, director; 2001–, cochairman; Hopewell Holdings, 1991–2002, director; Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, Limited, 1996–, chairman; Cheung Kong Life Sciences International, 1996– chairman; Hutchison Whampoa Limited, 1995–, executive director; 1999–, deputy chairman and director.

Li Ka-shing 1928— Biography

Family: Son of Li Yunjing (primary school head); married Amy Li Ching Yuiet-ming (founding director of Cheung Kong Holdings; deceased 1990); children: two.

Alfred C. Liggins III 1965— Biography

Education: Attended University of California, Los Angeles, and University of the District of Columbia; University of Pennsylvania, MBA, 1995.

Liu Chuanzhi 1944— Biography

Career: Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1966–1968, researcher; state-owned rice farm, 1968–1970, laborer; Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1970–1984, engineer-administrator; 1984–2004, Legend Group Holdings Company, chairman; 1984–, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Computer Technology Research Institute, director; 2004–, Lenovo Group, chairman.

J. Bruce Llewellyn 1927— Biography

Education: City University of New York, BS; New York Law School, JD, 1960; Columbia University, MBA; New York University, MPA.

Lu Weiding Biography

Address: Ninwei Town, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang, China 311215; http://www.wanxiang.com/group.html.

Iain Lumsden 1946— Biography

Family: Son of John Alexander Lumsden (insurance broker) and Helen (maiden name unknown); married Rosemary Hoey, 1970; children: two.

Terry J. Lundgren 1952— Biography

Career: Federated Department Stores, Bullock's division, 1975–1987; Bullocks Wilshire, 1987, president; Neiman Marcus, 1988–1994, chairman and CEO; Federated Merchandising Group, 1994–1996, head; 1997–2001, chief merchandising officer; 1997–, president; 2002, COO; 2003–, CEO; 2004–, chairman.