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In 1996, a local Midwestern branch of this international Christian organization started "from scratch" with no donors and no revenue. The next year the still-struggling group commissioned this plan. By following its advice, five years later the youth ministry became highly solvent. More importantly, this plan has helped the organization easily meet or exceed its spiritual-based goals positively affecting thousands of young people's lives in the metropolitan region it serves. This plan was provided by Scott Lockett of Tindell Associates.


We are committed to following Jesus's commandment to go and spread His Gospel.


We have identified numerous goals and related action steps to take to help us achieve success in our Father's work.

Spread the Gospel to Youth

As a mission community of believers, Life Works Cincinnati is here to spread the Gospel to every teenager in the area. We can do this by:

1) Reaching all the high schools in the area by 2000.

2) Sending 200 kids to summer camp by 2000.

3) Holding fall outreach camps and spring campaigner camps each year.

4) Implementing "Moms in Touch" by fall 1998.

Support Our Ministry's Workers

We are committed to the welfare and spiritual health of those who do this ministry, that they may do it out of a consistent and growing relationship with Christ and His Church. We can do this by:

1) Recruiting and developing leaders.

2) Recruiting and developing new and old committee members.

3) Pursuing excellence in all we do.

4) Nurturing and developing our human resources.

Be Light for Christ

We are committed to being light for Christ in the greater Cincinnati community. We can do this by:

1) Forming long-term relationships with local churches.

2) Building bonds with parents.

An Ongoing Commitment

We are committed to operating an ongoing and energizing ministry to Cincinnati and the metro area. We can do this by:

1) Ensuring that the area has adequate funds to carry out our mission.

2) Partnering with urban areas.


The heart of our mission is reaching out to area youth and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can accomplish this if we follow a strategic plan which strives to meet the following goals over the next three years:

Year One Goals:

Year Two Goals:

Year Three Goals:

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