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Kitamon is a "next generation" video production and distribution company. Its programming allows viewers to live vicariously through the everyday experiences of their favorite movie, music, sports and fashion celebrities at their most compellingly human moments.


Kitamon is a "next generation" video production and distribution company that meets the exploding demand among increasingly competitive traditional and "new" media channels seeking uniquely compelling, hard-to-access celebrity-focused content. By using both new (Internet, wireless) and traditional (television, radio) media, Kitamon is changing the way celebrities communicate with their fans. Providing access without intrusion, Kitamon's programming allows viewers to live vicariously through the everyday experiences of their favorite movie, music, sports and fashion icons at their most compellingly human moments: in their world with their friends, doing whatever they want to do.

Kitamon has emerged and aggressively consolidated its position as a leading entertainmentbased, content producer, distributor, and syndicator, utilizing its access to the most highly prized sources of compelling content as well as its extensive experience with traditional and emergent media. Kitamon's syndication arrangements with a number of major Internet portals, entertainment companies, and online magazines and others will result in ongoing licensing, sponsorship, advertising, and subscription-based revenue and will assure a worldwide audience of millions for Kitamon productions.

A secondary source of revenue will be derived from Kitamon's third-party production. Kitamon's sophisticated production capacity will be provided as a service to entities requiring digital video production, including video content for other websites as well as standard broadcast media outlets.


While there are a few leaders in content syndication for both new and traditional media, Kitamon is the only syndicator based within the entertainment/celebrity genre. Kitamon is more lean, flexible, and focused than traditional entertainment enterprises and better positioned than new media companies without experience in the industry. Upon receipt of funding, the strength of Kitamon's portal, content, and production offerings will present barriers to entry for new and existing competitors:

  1. First to Market: As the first entity of its kind, Kitamon enjoys a significant and difficult-to-overcome headstart for even the best-funded ventures attempting to compete in this space.
  2. Access: Kitamon's unfettered access to celebrities, based in part on pre-existing relationships with some of the entertainment industry's leading publicists, assures the company of a steady stream of celebrity subjects.
  3. Unique Content: Kitamon is the only company focused on distributing real-world, behind-the-scenes celebrity-driven video content via the web. Others, such as MTV, generate celebrity content, but does not syndicate it to other websites.


While Kitamon will market its programming and production services through B-to-B (business to business) channels, its appeal is to the interests of Gen I+. Generation I+ is an emergent term used to define today's 13- to 34-year-olds, the combination of Generation X and Generation Y. Generation I+ is a highly desirable target, one which includes the largest generation since the baby boomers. The U.S. Census Bureau cited an approximately 50 percent section of Generation I—the 15- to 24-year-olds—as having disposable income of over $300 billion in 1998. A respected research analyst has estimated the 16- to 24-year-old subsection of Generation I to make online purchases of approximately $4.5 billion in 2000.


Kitamon will leverage relationships with its distribution partners to generate "brand" recognition. The Kitamon logo will prominently appear on all partner sites; the logo will also discreetly appear on all Kitamon productions the company either syndicates or broadcasts. The logo will be accompanied by the tagline, "Want to see more? Go to …" Kitamon's distribution partners all have sites that attract high volume, targeted traffic, which will provide the company with immediate and ongoing exposure. Additionally, Kitamon's partners have all agreed to make their newsletter and registration lists available to the company for special direct mailings and offers, providing yet another channel for relationship and brand building.


Kitamon is currently seeking $1.5 million to fund its marketing initiatives, expand its production capabilities, and sustain general operations. The company expects to be profitable from year one and projects a profit of $27.4 by year three.


The company was formed in June 1999 by founders bringing a wealth of complementary experiences, skills, and relationships in the fields of entertainment, business, production, syndication, and high-end web design. Kitamon's President and CEO was formerly with NBC and KPMG and is a founding member of one of the world's most exclusive nightclubs. Kitamon's Director brings over 10 years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience, having founded several prominent and highly successful entertainment-related businesses.

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