SIC 2295

This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing coated, impregnated, or laminated textiles and in the special finishing of textiles, such as varnishing and waxing. Establishments primarily engaged in rubberizing purchase fabrics are classified in SIC 3069: Fabricated Rubber Products, Not Elsewhere Classified, and those establishments engaged in dyeing and finishing textiles are classified in various textile industries or SIC 2231: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (Including Dyeing and Finishing).

NAICS Code(s)

313320 (Fabric Coating Mills)

The coated fabrics (not rubberized) manufacturing industry is regarded as a part of the larger miscellaneous textile goods business sector. While the textile goods industry as a whole has seen its employment figures gradually drop over the past decade, employment figures for the coated fabrics industry increased. In 2000, the total number of workers in the coated fabrics industry

SIC 2295 Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized

was 10,929, compared to 9,935 in 1997. The total 2000 payroll for this industry was almost $415 million. The workforce was composed primarily of hourly production workers (7,798 in 2000), who earned an average of $7.27 per hour.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, the value of products shipped fluctuated—from $2.12 billion in 1997, up to $2.22 billion in 1998, down to $2.15 billion in 1999, up to $2.41 billion in 2000, and down to $2.27 billion in 2001. The majority of firms engaged in coated fabrics manufacturing post annual sales in excess of $20 million. More than 200 establishments operated in this category in the early 2000s, according the U.S. Census Bureau.

Industry leaders include Collins and Aikman Corp. of Charlotte, North Carolina, with 2003 sales of more than $3.9 billion and 23,900 employees; Hexcel Corp. of Stamford, Connecticut, with 2003 sales of just less than $897 million and 4,084 employees; and Tempe, Arizona-based Cytec Engineered Materials, which changed its name from Cytec Fiberite Inc. in 2002. Cytec Engineered Materials operates as a subsidiary of Cytec Industries Inc., a firm with 4,500 employees and $1.5 billion in 2003 sales. Other significant companies in this industry include Reeves Brothers Inc. of Spartanburg, South Carolina, with $150 million in 2003 sales.

High demand for non-rubberized coated fabrics exists in the area of furniture and wall coverings. Nonrubberized coated fabrics are also used in the manufacture of children's toys, nonwoven shoes, soft luggage, awnings and canopies, tents, sports equipment, industrial and marine supplies, and protective clothing. Strong specialty markets include vehicle air bags used by the automotive industry.

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