Alfredo SΓ‘enz 1942— Biography

Career: Tubacex, 1965–1980, board member; Banco Vizcaya, 1980–1983, director of planning; Banca Catalana, 1983–1988, managing director; Banco Vizcaya, 1988–1990, managing director; Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, 1990–1993, first vice president; Banco EspaΓ±ol de CrΓ©dito (Banesto), 1993–2002, president; Banco Santander Central Hispano, 2002–, CEO.

Mary F. Sammons 1946— Biography

Family: Daughter of Lee W. and Ann (Cherry) Jackson; married Nickolas F.

Steve Sanger 1946— Biography

Education: DePauw University, BA, 1968; University of Michigan, MBA, 1970.

Ron Sargent 1955— Biography

Education: Harvard University, BA, 1977; Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, MBA, 1979.

Arun Sarin 1954— Biography

Education: Indian Institute of Technology, BS, 1975; University of California at Berkeley, MS, 1977, MBA, 1978.

Mikio Sasaki 1937— Biography

Career: Mitsubishi Corporation, 1960–1966, engineer in machinery division; Mitsubishi International, 1966, manager; Mitsubishi Corporation, 1966–1971, manager; 1971–1977, heavy machinery department; Mitsubishi International Corporation, 1977–1979, head; 1979–1981, president; 1981–1985, heavy machinery department; 1985–1989, general manager, heavy machinery department; 1989–1991, general manager, ship and plant division; 1991–1993, executive vice president; 1993–1998, president and chief executive officer; Mitsubishi Corporation, 1994–1998, managing director; 1995–1998, managing director of administration; 1998–2004, president and chief executive officer; 2004–, chairman of the board.

Paolo Scaroni 1946— Biography

Career: Chevron, 1969–1971, sales manager; Saint Gobain, 1973–1978, sales manager; 1978–1981, general delegate to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru; 1981–1984, CEO of Italian operations; 1984, director of Flat Glass division; Technit, 1985–1996, executive vice president; Pilkington, 1996–1997, president of Automotive Products; 1997–2002, CEO; Enel, 2002–, CEO.

George A. Schaefer Jr. 1945— Biography

Education: West Point Academy, BS, 1963; Xavier University, MBA, 1974.

Leonard D. Schaeffer 1945— Biography

Family: Son of David Schaeffer and Sarah Levin; married Pamela L. Sidford, 1968; children: two.

Hans-JΓΌrgen Schinzler 1940— Biography

Education: Attended University of WΓΌrzburg; University of unich, JD, 1969.

James J. Schiro 1946— Biography

Education: St. John's University, BS, 1967; graduate of the Amos Tuck School Executive Program, Dartmouth College.

Werner Schmidt 1943— Biography

Career: Landesbank Stuttgart, 1971–1974, manager; 1974–1986, member of the board of managing directors; 1986–1989, deputy chairman; SΓΌdwestdeutsche Landesbank, 1989–1999, chairman; Landesbank Baden-WΓΌrttemberg, 1999–2001, chairman; Bayerische Landesbank Girozentrale, 2001–, CEO.

Richard J. Schnieders 1948— Biography

Career: SYSCO Corporation, 1982–1988, various positions for Hardin's Sysco operation including director of supplies and equipment, vice president of merchandising services, and executive vice president; 1988–1992, president and chief executive officer of Hardin's Sysco; 1992–1997, corporate senior vice president, merchandising services; 1997–1999, senior vice president, merchandising and multiunit sales; 1999–2000, executive vice president, food-service operations; 2000–2003, president and chief operating officer; 2003–, chairman and chief executive officer.

JΓΌrgen E. Schrempp 1944— Biography

Family: Married Renate (maiden name unknown); married Lydia Deininger; children: three (first marriage, two; second marriage, one).

Howard Schultz 1953— Biography

Family: Son of Fred Schultz and Elaine (maiden name unknown); married Sheri, an interior designer (maiden name unknown).

Ekkehard D. Schulz 1941— Biography

Career: Clausthal Technical University, 1967–1972, member of scientific staff and chief engineer; Thyssen Group, 1972–1984, technology manager; Thyssen Stahl, 1985–1986, deputy member of executive board; 1986–1988, member of executive board; 1988–1991, director; 1991, chairman; Thyssen, 1991–1998, member of executive board; 1998–1999, chairman; Thyssen Krupp Stahl, 1997–, chairman; Thyssen Krupp, 1999–2001, cochairman; 2001–, chairman.

Gerald W. Schwartz 1941— Biography

Education: University of Manitoba, BC, 1962; University of Manitoba, LLB, 1966; Harvard University, MBA, 1970.

Louis Schweitzer 1942— Biography

Education: Institut d'Γ‰tudes Politiques de Paris (IEP), BA, 1968.

H. Lee Scott Jr. 1950— Biography

Career: Yellow Freight Systems, 1977–1979, terminal manager, Springdale, Arkansas; Wal-Mart, 1979–1995, assistant director of transportation, director of transportation, vice president of transportation, vice president of distribution, and senior vice president of logistics; 1995–1998, executive vice president of merchandising; Wal-Mart Stores division, 1998, president and chief executive officer; Wal-Mart, 1999, vice chairman and chief operating officer; 2000–, chief executive officer and president.

Richard M. Scrushy 1952— Biography

Family: Son of Gerald Scrushy (cash register salesman) and Grace (nurse); married Leslie (third wife); children: eight.

Ivan G. Seidenberg 1946— Biography

Born: December 10, 1946, in New York City, New York.

Donald S. Shaffer 1943— Biography

Career: Sears, Roebuck and Company, 1969–?, various positions; ?-1989, general manager of Detroit region retail stores; 1989-1994, national manager for women's apparel; Sears Canada, 1994-1997, president and chief executive officer; Western Auto Supply Company, 1997-1999, chairman and chief executive officer; Heilig-Meyers Company, 1999-2000, president and chief operating officer; 2000-2001, president and chief executive officer; Dollar General, 2001-2003, president and chief operating officer; 2002-2003, chief executive officer.

Kevin W. Sharer 1948— Biography

Education: U.S. Naval Academy, BS, 1970; MS, 1971; University of Pittsburgh, MBA, 1982.

William J. Shea 1948— Biography

Career: Coopers & Lybrand (now known as Pricewaterhouse Coopers), 1974–1993, held several positions, eventually becoming senior partner and vice chairman; Bank of Boston, 1993–1996, vice chairman and CFO; BankBoston (now merged into FleetBoston Financial Corporation), 1996–1998, vice chairman and CFO; DeMoulas Super Markets, 1998–1999, board chairman; View Tech, 1999–2000, CEO; Conseco, 2001–2002, president and COO; 2002–, CEO and president.

Donald J. Shepard 1946— Biography

Career: Life Investors, 1970–1985, various positions; 1985–1989, executive vice president and chief operating officer; AEGON USA, 1989–1992, president and chief executive officer; 1992–2002, chairman, president, and chief executive officer; AEGON N.V., 2002–, chairman of the executive board.

Yoichi Shimogaichi 1934— Biography

Career: NKK Corporation, 1958–1981, various positions; 1981–1986, general manager of sales coordination in export and corporate planning departments; 1987–1989, general manager of corporate planning department; 1989–1991, managing director; 1991–1994, senior managing director, deputy director of steel division; 1994–1997, executive vice president, executive director of steel division; 1997–2002, president; JFE Holdings, 2002–, president.

Etsuhiko Shoyama 1936— Biography

Career: Hitachi, 1959–1982, power plant engineer at Hitachi Works; 1982–1985, deputy general manager of Hitachi Works; 1985–1987, general manager of Kokubu Works; 1987–1990, general manager of Tochigi Works; 1990–1991, general manager of Household Appliances Division; 1991–1993, general manager of Consumer Electronics Division; 1993–1994, executive managing director of Hitachi and group executive for Consumer Products Group; 1994–1995, executive managing director of Hitachi and group executive for Consumer Products & Information Media Systems Group; 1995–1997, senior executive managing director of Hitachi and group executive for Consumer Products & Information Media Systems Group; 1997–1999, executive vice president and representative director; 1999–2003, president and representative director; 2003–, president, chief executive officer, and representative director.

Thomas Siebel 1952— Biography

Education: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, BA, 1975; MBA, 1983; MS, 1983.

Henry R. Silverman 1940— Biography

Born: August 1, 1940, in New York City, New York.

Russell Simmons 1957— Biography

Family: Son of Daniel Simmons (public-school attendance supervisor), and Evelyn (maiden name unknown; recreation director); married Kimora Lee (fashion model); children: two.

James D. Sinegal 1936— Biography

Career: Fed-Mart Corporation, 1954–1979, bagger, then later executive vice president in charge of merchandising and operations; Price Company, 1979–1983; Costco Wholesale Corporation, 1983–, CEO and president.

Carlos Slim 1940— Biography

Family: Son of a merchant and realtor (name unknown); widowed (wife's name unknown); children: six.

Bruce A. Smith 1943— Biography

Education: Westminster College, BA, 1965; University of Kansas, MBA, 1967.

Fred Smith 1944— Biography

Family: Son of Frederick C. (businessman) and Sally (Wallace) Smith; married Linda Black Grisham, 1969 (divorced 1977); married Dianne Avis; children: ten (two from first marriage).

O. Bruton Smith 1927— Biography

Family: Son of Lemuel Smith, a cotton farmer, and wife, name unknown; married Bonita Harris, 1972 (divorced); children: four.

Stacey Snider 1961— Biography

Education: University of Pennsylvania, BA, 1982; University of California, Los Angeles, JD, 1985.

Jure Sola 1951— Biography

Career: Lika Corporation, 1972–1980, various management positions; Sanmina Corporation, 1980–1991, various management positions; 1991–2001, chairman and president; Sanmina-SCI Corporation, 2001–2002, cochairman and CEO; 2002–, chairman and CEO.

George Soros 1930— Biography

Education: London School of Economics, BS, 1952; Oxford University, DCL, 1990.

William S. Stavropoulos 1939— Biography

Education: Fordham University, BA, 1961; University of Washington, PhD, 1966.

Sy Sternberg 1943— Biography

Born: June 24, 1943, in New York City, New York.

David L. Steward 1951— Biography

Family: Son of Harold Steward (mechanic) and Dorothy (maiden name unknown; homemaker); married Thelma (maiden name unknown; nurse); children: two.

Martha Stewart 1941— Biography

Family: Daughter of Edward Kostyra (pharmaceutical salesman) and Martha Ruszkowski (elementary school teacher); married Andrew Stewart (attorney and publisher; divorced, 1989); children: one.

Patrick T. Stokes 1942— Biography

Family: Son of an FBI agent (name unknown) and Carolyn Stokes; married AnnaKristine (maiden name unknown); children: three.

Harry C. Stonecipher 1936— Biography

Career: General Motors, Allison Division, 1955–1959, laboratory technician; General Electric, Evendale Aircraft Engine division, 1962–1979, program engineer; 1979–1984, general manager; 1984–1987, head of division; Sundstrand, 1987, executive vice president; 1987–1994, president; 1989–1994, chief executive officer; 1991–1994, chairman; McDonnell Douglas, 1994–1997, president and chief executive officer; Boeing Company, 1997–2001, president and chief operating officer; 2001–2002, vice chairman; 2003–, president and chief executive officer.

Hans StrΓ₯berg 1957— Biography

Career: Swedish Embassy (Washington, D.C.), assistant to the technical attachΓ©; Electrolux, 1983–1987, floor-care division manager; 1987–1995, global head of dishwasher and laundry engineering; 1995–1998, head of production and development of North American white-goods operations; 1998–2001, executive vice president of floor care and light appliances; 2001–2002, chief operating officer; 2002–, president and chief executive officer.

Belinda Stronach 1966— Biography

Family: Daughter of Frank Stronach (founder and chairman of Magna International) and Elfrieda (maiden name unknown); married Donald Walker (named CEO of Magna International in 1994), 1990 (divorced 1995); married Johann Olav Koss (Olympic-champion speed skater), 1999 (divorced 2002); children (first marriage): two.

Ronald D. Sugar 1948— Biography

Education: University of California, Los Angeles, BS, 1968; MS, 1969; PhD, 1971.

Osamu Suzuki 1930— Biography

Family: Son of Shunzo and Toshiki S. Matsuda; married Shoko Suzuki; children: three.

Toshifumi Suzuki 1932— Biography

Career: Worked in a publishing sales company until 1963, when he joined Ito-Yokado Co.; first president of its subsidiary, Seven-Eleven Japan, in 1973; has remained with Ito-Yokado group through 2004.

Carl-Henric Svanberg 1952— Biography

Education: LinkΓΆping Institute of Technology, MS, 1977; Uppsala University, BS, 1983.

William H. Swanson 1949— Biography

Career: Raytheon Company, 1972–2002, various positions, including manufacturing manager of equipment division, chairman and CEO of Raytheon Systems Company, senior vice president and general manager of missile systems division, executive vice president, and president of Electronic Systems; 2002–2003, president; 2003–2004, CEO and president; 2004–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Keiji Tachikawa 1939— Biography

Education: Tokyo University, bachelor's degree, 1962; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MBA, 1978; Tokyo University, PhD, 1981.

Noel N. Tata 1957— Biography

Family: Son of Naval Tata and Simone (maiden name unknown); married Aloo Mistry.

Sidney Taurel 1949— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole des Hautes Γ‰tudes Commerciales, 1969; Columbia University, MBA, 1971.

Gunter Thielen 1942— Biography

Education: Technical University of Aachen, mechanical engineering and economics; PhD.

Ken Thompson 1950— Biography

Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA, 1973; Wake Forest University, MBA, 1975.

Rex W. Tillerson 1952— Biography

Career: Exxon Company, U.S.A., 1975–1987, production engineer and various engineering, technical, and supervisory assignments; 1987–1989, business development manager in the natural gas department; Exxon central production division, 1989–1992, general manager; 1992–1995, production adviser; Exxon Yemen and Esso Exploration and Production Khorat, 1995–1998, president; Exxon Ventures and Exxon Neftegas, 1998–1999, president; ExxonMobil Development Company, 1999–2001, executive vice president; ExxonMobil Corporation, 2001–2004, senior vice president; 2004–, president.

Robert L. ca. Tillman 1944— Biography

Career: Lowe's Companies, 1962–1994, entry level office manager trainee, executive vice president, chief operating officer, executive vice president of merchandising, and senior vice president of merchandising and marketing; 1994–1996, CEO, 1996–, president and CEO; 1998–, chairman.

Glenn Tilton 1948— Biography

Career: Texaco, 1970, sales trainee; 1970–1978, marketing; 1978–1979, assistant to the vice president for the Northeastern Region; 1979–1981, marketing manager of Philadelphia division; 1981–1983, staff coordinator in Corporate Planning and Economics Department; 1983–1984, assistant general manager for sales of Texaco Europe; 1984–1987, general manager for marketing of Texaco Europe; 1987–1988, vice president for marketing of Texaco USA; 1988–1989, president of Texaco Refining and Marketing; 1989–1991, vice president; 1991–1992, chairman of Texaco Ltd.; 1992–1994, president of Texaco Europe; 1994–1995, president of Texaco USA; 1995–1997, senior vice president; 1997–2001, president of Global Business Unit; 2001, chairman and CEO; ChevronTexaco, 2001–2002, vice chairman; UAL Corporation and United Airlines, 2002–, chairman, CEO, and president.

James S. Tisch 1953— Biography

Education: Cornell University, BA, 1975; Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, MBA, 1976.

Barrett A. Toan 1947— Biography

Education: Kenyon College, BA, 1969; Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania, MPA, 1974.

Doreen Toben 1949— Biography

Family: Married Edmund (chief information officer, Colgate-Palmolive); children: two.

Don Tomnitz 1948— Biography

Education: Westminster College, BA, 1970; Western Illinois University, MBA, 1975.

Shoichiro Toyoda 1925— Biography

Family: Son of Kiichiro Toyoda (founder, Toyota Motor Corporation) and Hatako (maiden name unknown); married Hiroko Mitsui, 1952; children, two.

Tony Trahar 1949— Biography

Education: University of the Witwatersrand, St. John's College, BC, 1970.

Marco Tronchetti Provera 1948— Biography

Career: Pirelli, 1986–1988, managing partner; SociΓ©tΓ© Internationale Pirelli, 1988–1992, CEO and general manager; 1991–1992, general manager of finance and administration; 1992–1996, CEO and executive vice chairman; 1995–1999, chairman; Telecom Italia, 2001–, chairman.

Donald Trump 1946— Biography

Born: June 14, 1946, in New York City, New York.

Shiro Tsuda 1946— Biography

Career: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Public Corporation, 1970–1992, engineer; NTT DoCoMo, 1992–2004, company director; 1996–1998, senior vice president; 1998–2001, executive vice president; 2001–2004, senior executive vice president; 2002–2004, managing director of the Global Business Division.

Kazuo Tsukuda 1943— Biography

Education: University of Tokyo, BS, 1966; University of Tokyo, MS, 1968.

Joseph M. Tucci 1947— Biography

Career: RCA Corporation, 1970–1986, systems programmer, followed by several other positions; Unisys Corporation, 1986–1990, president of U.S. Information Systems; Wang Global, 1990–1993, executive vice president of operations; 1993–1999, chairman and CEO; Getronics, 1999, deputy CEO; EMC Corporation, 2000, president; 2000–2001, president and COO; 2001–, CEO and president.

Ted Turner 1938— Biography

Family: Son of Robert Edward Turner Jr. and Florence (Rooney) Turner; married Judy Gale Nye, 1960 (divorced, 1962); married Jane Shirley Smith, 1964 (divorced, 1988); married Jane Fonda, 1991 (divorced, 2001); children: five (first marriage, two; second marriage, three).

John H. Tyson 1953— Biography

Family: Son of Donald John Tyson (a food company executive) and Twilla Jean Womochil; married Kimberly McCoy; children: two.

Robert J. Ulrich 1944— Biography

Family: Son of a 3M executive (name unknown); married (wife's name unknown; divorced); children: two.

Thomas J. Usher 1942— Biography

Education: University of Pittsburgh, BS, 1964; MS, 1965; PhD, 1971.

Shoei Utsuda 1943— Biography

Career: Mitsui & Company, 1967–; 2000–2002, senior executive managing officer; 2002–, president and chief executive officer.

Akio Utsumi 1942— Biography

Career: Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation: 1991–1993, director; 1993–1995, managing director; 1995–1998, senior managing director; 1998–1999, deputy president; 1999–, president; Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group: 2001–2004, director, chairman, and co–chief executive officer; 2004–, director.

Roy A. Vallee 1953— Biography

Career: Radio Products, 1971–1972, sales; Cramer, 1972–1977, field salesman, inside sales manager, operations manager, branch manager; Hamilton/Avnet, 1977, field sales representative; 1977–1989, systems manager, systems business manager, general sales manager, general manager of the San Diego branch, regional director of Southwest; 1989–1990, vice president; Hamilton/Avnet Computer, 1990–1991, president; Avnet, Inc., 1991–1992, senior vice president, director worldwide electronics operations; 1992–1998, president, chief operating officer, vice chairman; 1998–, chairman, chief executive officer.

Anton van Rossum 1945— Biography

Education: Attended Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (date of graduation unknown).

Thomas H. Van Weelden 1955— Biography

Family: Son of Henry (an owner of a small commercial waste collection company) and name unknown.

Daniel Vasella 1953— Biography

Family: Married Anne-Laurence (trustee, Foundation Switzerland di Cardiologia); children: three.

Ferdinand Verdonck Biography

Education: Catholic University of Leuven, BS; LLD; University of Chicago, MA.

Ben Verwaayen 1952— Biography

Career: ITT Nederland, 1975–1983, manager of public relations; 1983–1988, executive vice president and director of operations; Koninklijke PTT Nederland, 1988–1997, president and managing director of PTT Telecom; Lucent Technologies, 1997–1999, executive vice president of international operations; 1999, chief operating officer; 1999–2001, vice chairman of the management board; BT Group, 2002–, CEO.

Heinrich von Pierer 1941— Biography

Education: University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, JD, 1968; diploma in economics, 1969.

Norio Wada 1940— Biography

Career: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, 1964–1985, series of management positions; Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, 1985–1992, series of management positions; 1992–1996, senior vice president and general manager of Tohoku Regional Communications Sector; 1996–1997, executive vice president and senior executive manager of Affiliated Business Development Headquarters; 1997–1998, executive vice president and senior executive manager of Affiliated Business Development Headquarters; 1998–1998, executive vice president, senior executive manager of Affiliated Business Development Headquarters, and executive manager of NTT Holding Organizational Office; 1999, executive vice president and senior executive manager of NTT Holding Organizational Headquarters; 1999–2002, senior executive vice president; 2002–, president and chief executive officer.

Rick Wagoner 1953— Biography

Career: General Motors Corporation: 1977–1981, various positions in GM's Treasurer's Office; 1981–1984, treasurer of General Motors do Brasil (GMB); 1984–1987, executive director of GMB; 1987–1988, vice president and finance manager of GM of Canada; 1988–1989, group director, strategic business planning, Chevrolet-Pontiac-Canada Group; 1989–1991, vice president, finance, for GM Europe; 1991–1992, president and managing director of GMB; 1992–1994, executive vice president and chief financial officer; 1994–1998, executive vice president of GM and president of North American Operations; 1998–2000, president and chief operating officer; 2000–2003, president and chief executive officer; 2003–, chairman and chief executive officer.

Ted Waitt 1963— Biography

Family: Son of Norman Waitt Sr. (cattle broker); Married Joan (maiden name unknown); children: four.

Paul S. Walsh 1955— Biography

Career: Grand Metropolitan, 1982–1986, financial planning and accounts manager for Watney, Mann and Truman Brewers; 1986, finance director; 1987–1988, CFO of Inter-Continental Hotels; 1989–1992, CFO of food division; 1992–2000, CEO of Pillsbury; Diageo, 2000–2001, CEO of Guinness UDV and COO; 2001–, CEO.

Robert Walter 1945— Biography

Education: Ohio State University, BS, 1967; Harvard University, MBA, 1970.

Shigeo ca. Watanabe 1943— Biography

Career: Bridgestone Corporation, 1965–1983, various positions; Bridgestone/Firestone, 1983–1988, technical advisor; Bridgestone/Firestone Europe, 1988–2001, various positions; Bridgestone Corporation, 2001–, chairman, president, and chief executive officer.

Fumiaki Watari Biography

Career: Nippon Oil, 1960–1995, marketer; 1995–1998, marketing director; 1998–1999, vice president; Nippon Mitsubishi Oil, 1999–2000, vice president; Nippon Oil Corporation, 2000–, president.

Philip B. Watts 1945— Biography

Family: Son of hosiery factory worker; married Janet (maiden name unknown); children: two.

JΓΌrgen Weber 1941— Biography

Education: Stuttgart Technical University, BS, 1965; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MBA, 1980.

Sandy Weill 1933— Biography

Family: Son of Max Weill (a dressmaking-business owner) and Etta Kalika; married Joan Mosher (1955); children: two.

Serge Weinberg 1951— Biography

Education: University of Paris, Institut d'Γ©tudes politiques, law degree, 1971; Γ‰cole nationale d'administration, 1974–1976.

Alberto Weisser 1956— Biography

Career: BASF, 1979–1993, various finance-related positions; Bunge, 1993–1999, CFO; 1999–2001, CEO; 2001–, chairman and CEO.

Jack Welch 1935— Biography

Education: University of Massachusetts–Amherst, BS, 1957; University of Illinois–Champaign, MA, 1958; PhD, 1960.

William C. Weldon 1948— Biography

Family: Son of a Broadway stagehand (father) and a theater costume seamstress (mother); married Barbara Dearborn, 1969; children: two.

Werner Wenning 1946— Biography

Career: Bayer AG, 1966–1996, various positions; 1996-1997, head of Corporate Planning and Controlling; 1997-2001, chairman of board of management committee for finance; 2001–, chairman of board and CEO.

Norman H. Wesley 1949— Biography

Career: Crown Zellerbach Corporation, 1973–1983, vice president and general manager of Office Products group; ACCO World Corp., 1983–1987, vice president of corporate development; 1987–1990, president and COO; 1990–1997, president and CEO; Home & Office, 1997–1999, president and CEO; Fortune Brands, 1999, president and COO; 1999–2001, chairman and CEO.

W. Galen Weston 1940— Biography

Family: Son of Willard Garfield Weston and Reta Lila Howard; married Hilary Mary Frayne, 1966; children: two.

Leslie H. Wexner 1937— Biography

Family: Son of Harry L. Wexner, a budget clothing-store manager, and Bella Cabakoff, a department-store buyer and philanthropist; married Abigail Koppel, formerly a corporate attorney, 1993; children: three.

Kenneth Whipple 1934— Biography

Career: Ford Motor Company, ca. 1959–1986, various positions including president of Ford Credit and vice president and head of corporate strategy; Ford Europe, 1986–1988, chairman and chief executive officer; Ford Motor Company, 1988–1999, executive vice president and president of Ford Financial Services Group; Ford Credit, 1997–1999, chairman and chief executive officer; CMS Energy and Consumers Energy, 2002–, chairman and chief executive officer; Glenlore Enterprises, chief executive officer.

Edward E. Whitacre Jr. 1941— Biography

Family: Son of a railroad engineer and wife, names unknown; married Linda, a university regent (maiden name unknown); children: two.

Miles D. White 1955— Biography

Career: McKinsey and Company, 1980–1984, management consultant; Abbott Laboratories, 1984–1994, sales manager in medical diagnostics, then various management positions; 1994–1998, senior vice president of diagnostic operations; 1998–1999, executive vice president; 1999–, chairman and CEO.

Meg Whitman 1956— Biography

Born: August 4, 1956, in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

David R. Whitwam 1942— Biography

Career: Whirlpool Corporation, 1968–1975, marketing management team; 1975–1977, general manager of sales, Southern California division; 1977–1979, merchandise manager of ranges; 1979–1980, director of builder marketing; 1980–1983 vice president of builder marketing; 1983–1985, vice president of Whirlpool sales; 1985–1987 vice chairman and chief marketing officer; 1987–1999, chairman, president, and chief executive officer; 1999–2004, chairman and chief executive officer.

Hans Wijers 1951— Biography

Education: University of Groningen, MA, 1976; Erasmus University of Rotterdam, PhD, 1982.

Michael E. Wiley 1951— Biography

Education: University of Tulsa, BS, 1972; University of Dallas, MBA, 1982.

Bruce A. Williamson 1959— Biography

Education: University of Montana, BS, 1981; University of Houston, MBA, 1995.

Chuck Williamson 1948— Biography

Education: University of Utah, MS, 1973; University of Texas at Austin, PhD, 1978.

Peter S. Willmott 1937— Biography

Family: Married Bonnie (maiden name unknown, divorced); married Michele (maiden name unknown); children (from first marriage): four.

Oprah Winfrey 1954— Biography

Family: Daughter of Vernon Winfrey (sailor and barber) and Vernita Lee (maid and dietician).

Patricia A. Woertz 1953— Biography

Education: Penn State University, BS, 1974; completed Columbia University's International Executive Development Program, 1994.

Shinichi Yokoyama Biography

Career: Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, 1966–1997, various positions; 1997–2000, managing director; 2000–2001, vice president; 2001–, president.

Dave Yost 1947— Biography

Education: United States Air Force Academy, BS, 1969; University of California at Los Angeles, MBA, 1970.

Larry D. Yost 1938— Biography

Career: Warner & Swasey Co., ?–1971, started as machinist, eventually graduating to junior management positions in production; Rockwell Automation, 1971–1976, production and inventory control manager of the Industrial Control Group (ICG) of the division Allen-Bradley; 1976–1979, manufacturing manager; 1979–1982, manufacturing director; 1982–1990, vice president of ICG operations; 1990–1994, senior vice president of ICG; 1994–1997, president of Heavy Vehicle Systems for Rockwell Automotive; 1997, president of Rockwell Automotive; Meritor Automotive, 1997–2000, president and CEO; ArvinMeritor Inc., 2000–, chairman and CEO.

Yun Jong-yong 1944— Biography

Career: Samsung Group, 1966–1969, entry-level positions; Samsung Electronics Company, 1969–1977, Television Business Division, Video Business Division; 1977–1980, branch-office manager; 1980–1981, director of Television Business Division; 1981–1985, director of Video Business Division; 1985–1988, director of Research and Development Division; 1988–1990, vice president of Electronics Group; 1990–1992, vice president and representative director of Consumer Electronics Business Group; 1992, president and representative director of Consumer Electronics Business Group; Samsung Electro-Mechanics Company, 1992–1993, president and CEO; 1993–1995, head of Display Devices Division; Samsung Japan, 1995–1996, president and CEO; Samsung Electronics, 1996–, president and CEO; Samsung Group, 1996–1999, president.

Antoine Zacharias 1939— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole Nationale SupΓ©rieure d'Electrotechnique, d'Electronique, d'Informatique, d'Hydraulique, et des TΓ©lΓ©communications (ENSEEIHT), BS.

Edward Zander 1947— Biography

Education: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, BS, 1968; Boston University, MBA, 1975.

John D. Zeglis 1947— Biography

Education: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, BS, 1969; Harvard University, JD, 1972.

Deiter Zetsche 1953— Biography

Education: University of Karlsruhe, MS, 1976; Technical University of Paderborn, PhD, 1982.

Zhang Enzhao 1946— Biography

Career: China Construction Bank, 1964–1984, various positions; China Investment Bank, 1984–1985, deputy general manager; China Construction Bank, 1986–1987, deputy general manager; 1987–1999, general manager; 1999–2000, deputy president; 2000–2002, first deputy president; 2002–, president.

Zhang Ligui Biography

Career: Beijing Telecommunication Administration, 1994–1998; China Telecommunications Corporation, 1998–1999, director general; State Post and Telecommunications Bureau of People's Republic of China, 1999–2000, director; China Telecommunications Corporation, 2000, president; China Mobile Communications Corporation, 2000–.

Zhou Deqiang 1941— Biography

Career: Beijing Long Distance Telephone Bureau, deputy chief engineer; Anhui Posts and Telecommunications Administration, deputy director general, director general; Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications; Ministry of Information Industry, vice minister; China Telecom, 2000–, president, chairman, and chief executive.

Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer 1970— Biography

Born: April 23, 1970, in New York City, New York.

Edward J. Zore 1945— Biography

Education: University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, bachelor's and master's degrees.

Klaus Zumwinkel 1943— Biography

Education: University of MΓΌnster, business degree, 1969; Wharton School of Business of University of Pennsylvania, MBA, 1971; University of MΓΌnster, PhD, 1973.