Business Plans - Volume 10

Automotive Repair Service Business Plan

Collision Experts Incorporated has set forth to become a preferred provider of professional autobody repair in the Detroit marketplace. It is our belief that delivering a legacy of premium services will result in an ongoing profitable business enterprise in the highly commoditized automotive services market.

Bioterrorism Prevention Organization Business Plan

Bistro and Wine Bar Business Plan

We are seeking $35,000 in an operating loan and $30,000 in a term loan. The owner will provide $15,000 in equity.

Coatings Inspection Company Business Plan

Professional Coatings Services (PCS) is in the business of doing third-party inspections for major coatings projects. These major coatings projects are on industrial units such as bridges, water towers, pipelines, etc.

Event Photography Service Business Plan

brightroom is the first fully scalable, online event photography solution.

Fertilizer & Commodity Chemicals Company Business Plan

Agronix Organics, Inc., will be a leading biotechnology firm, licensing technology for the conversion of common agricultural residue into environmentally friendly, bio-stabilized organic fertilizers and soil-enhancers, and a range of commodity chemicals produced on-demand, including ethanol for alternative fuel use. First to market with technology that offers significant advances over existing commercial methods and which uses only naturally occurring microbes during the enclosed channel bioconversion process, the company will work on a global, regional, national, and multinational basis in licensing the technology and in ongoing equity participation with licensees.

Food, Diet, & Nutrition Company Business Plan

Think Thin Weight Loss Corporation is a leading provider of products and programs in the diet and nutrition industry. By offering a superior product line, employing innovative marketing techniques, and developing strategic partnerships with manufacturers and distributors, the company will maintain an uncompromising commitment to quality while ensuring a fair return to shareholders.

Golf Grip Manufacturer Business Plan

ProGrip develops and actively seeks out innovative and advanced technologies that are marketed and sold to the $150 billion global wholesale sporting goods market. Its first line of products, the Impress golf grip line, provides an elegant design that solves the serious and unmet problems a golfer experiences when his or her club makes impact with the ball (or the ground).

Holistic Health Center Business Plan

Holistic Choices, LLC, is a wellness studio. The partners, Joanne Fuller and Mary Smart, are both professionals in a health/wellness field and they are teaming up to put several health/wellness services under one roof.

Home Décor Products Manufacturer Business Plan

Burton Décor, Inc., designs and develops specialty Christmas and soft (also known as "cut and sewn") home décor products manufactured in India. India's extraordinary fabrics and handiwork are not readily available in other countries and stand out from the typical mass-produced product currently available.

Housing Rehabilitation Company Business Plan

Madison Builders, LLC, will construct 10 single-family market rate dwellings in Kansas City Circle. The current site of this development, to be called Jackson Place, consists of vacant lots owned by the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA).

Internet & Network Security Solution Provider Business Plan

Safety Net Canada will be the dominant provider of a reliable, impervious, easy-to-use, and cost-effective hardware- and software-based, Internet and network security solution to corporate and retail customers worldwide.

Litigation Services Company Business Plan

Acme Litigation Company is an independently operated company located in Southeastern Michigan, founded by Mrs. Lyn Kondrako in the summer of 1999, and is now entering its third year of profitability.

Medical Equipment Producer Business Plan

Premium Therapy, LLC is a medical device company focused on the field of rehabilitation medicine. It has designed and developed a patented technology to deliver ElectroMagnetic Induction Therapy (EMIT) in large markets that include the treatment of arthritis, pain, and muscular atrophy.

Mural Company Business Plan

My name is Janine Smith Ray. I began Smith Ray Design mid-year of 2000 specializing in murals, faux finishing, and fine arts for residential and commercial spaces.

Network Game Centers Business Plan

The worldwide video gaming industry generates in excess of $50 billion per year according to the "Executive Interview Series: The State of the Game Market 2001" report published by DFC Intelligence. Most of this revenue is through the sale of hardware and software associated with video games.

Online Customer Service Support Business Plan

live e-care is an outsource provider of online customer service support, one of the critical customer-retention services for e-business. We guarantee personalized e-mail management and live text chat response at a cost 30 to 50 percent lower than our customers' cost for an in-house alternative.

Painting Company Business Plan

Ko-Bas Painting Company was formed to meet the growing demand and ongoing need for professional-grade painting and refinishing services in Southeastern Michigan.

Routing/Navigation Software Company Business Plan

PATH Systems, Inc., provides transportation companies with routes optimized to avoid accidents (vs. shortest-path routes).

Structural Genomics Software Provider Business Plan

Pharmatech Genomics is a license provider and application service provider (ASP) of structural genomics software. Structural genomics software helps scientists turn data from the Human Genome Project into drugs and cures for disease.

Appendix A - Business Plan Template Business Plan

Food Distributor Business Plan

Hardware Store Business Plan

Appendix B - Organizations, Agencies and Consultants Business Plan

Associations Business Plan

Consultants Business Plan

Small Business Administration Regional Offices Business Plan

Small Business Development Centers Business Plan

Service Corps of Retired Executives(SCORE) Offices Business Plan

Venture Capital & Finance Companies Business Plan