F. Duane Ackerman 1942— Biography

Education: Rollins College, BS, 1964; MS, 1970; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MBA, 1978.

Josef Ackermann 1948— Biography

Family: Son of a doctor (name unknown) and Margrit (maiden name unknown); married Pirkko Anelli (a homemaker), 1977; children: one.

Shai Agassi 1968— Biography

Family: Son of Reuven Agassi (retired Israeli Defense Force colonel and telecom executive); married former general manager of QuickSoft Media (name unknown); children: two.

Umberto Agnelli 1934—2004 Biography

Family: Son of Edoardo Agnelli (chairman, Fiat) and Princess Virginia Bourbon del Monte di San Faustino; married Antonella Bechi Piaggio, 1959 (divorced); married Allegra Caracciolo, 1974; children: three (first marriage, one; second marriage, two).

Ahn Cheol-soo 1962— Biography

Education: Seoul National University, College of Medicine, BS, 1986; Seoul National University, College of Medicine, PhD, 1991; The Penn Engineering and Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, MS, Executive Master of Technology Management (EMTM), 1997; Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Information Technology (SEIT) program, Stanford University, 2000.

Naoyuki Akikusa 1938— Biography

Family: Son of a former president of Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation; married (wife's name unknown); children: two.

RaΓΊl AlarcΓ³n Jr. 1956— Biography

Family: Son of Raul AlarcΓ³n Sr.; married Maria (maiden name unknown; divorced, 2004); children: two.

William F. Aldinger III 1947— Biography

Education: Baruch School, City College of New York, BA, 1969; Brooklyn Law School, JD, 1975.

Vagit Y. Alekperov 1950— Biography

Career: Kaspmorneft, 1972–1974, drill operator; West Siberian oil production, 1974–1979, team leader, deputy chief, deputy director general; Kogalymneftegaz and Basneft, 1979–1982, director general; Kogalymneftegaz Oil, 1982–1990, director general; Soviet Union, 1990–1991, deputy minister of oil and gas, acting minister of fuel and energy; Lukoil, 1991–, president.

CΓ©sar Alierta Izuel 1945— Biography

Career: Banco Urquijo, 1970–1985, financial analyst; Beta Capital, 1985–1996, founder and president; Tabacalera, 1996–1999, CEO; Altadis, 1999–2000, co-chairman; TelefΓ³nica, 2000–, chairman and CEO.

Herbert M. Allison Jr. 1943— Biography

Family: Son of Herbert M. Allison Sr.

John A. Allison IV 1948— Biography

Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BS, 1971; Duke University, MBA, 1974.

Dan Amos 1951— Biography

Family: Son of Paul Amos (cofounder and former chairman of the board of AFLAC) and Mary Jean Roberts; married Mary Shannon Landing (a philanthropist); children: two.

Brad Anderson 1949— Biography

Education: Waldorf College, AA, 1969; University of Denver, BA, 1971.

Richard H. Anderson 1956— Biography

Education: University of Houston, BS, 1979; South Texas College of Law, JD, 1982.

G. Allen Andreas Jr. 1943— Biography

Family: Son of Glenn Allen Andreas Sr. (bank president) and Vera Irene Yates; married Toni Kay Hibma, 1964; children: three.

Micky Arison 1949— Biography

Family: Son of Ted Arison (cofounder of Norwegian Caribbean Cruises and founder of Carnival Cruises).

C. Michael Armstrong 1938— Biography

Education: Miami University of Ohio, BS, 1961; Dartmouth Institute, Advanced Management Program, 1976.

Bernard Arnault 1949— Biography

Career: Ferret-Savinel, 1971–1983, engineer; Dior and Boussac Saint-FrΓ¨res, 1984–1989, owner; MoΓ©t Hennessy Louis Vuitton, 1989–, chairman, chief executive officer.

Gerard J. Arpey 1958— Biography

Born: July 26, 1958, in New York City, New York.

Ramani Ayer 1947— Biography

Education: India Institute of Technology, BS, 1969; Drexel University, MS, 1971; PhD, 1973.

Michael J. Bailey 1948— Biography

Family: Son of Sidney William Bailey and Joyce Mary (maiden name unknown); married (wife's name unknown; separated); children: two.

Sergio Balbinot 1958— Biography

Career: Assicurazioni Generali, 1983–1989, insurance-operations department; 1989–1992, head of Swiss branch; 1992–1995, head of International Activity of Europe Assistance; 1995–1996, area manager for German-speaking countries and France; 1996–1998, assistant general manager and head of group-insurance operations; 1998–2002, deputy general manager; 2002–, co–chief executive officer.

Steve Ballmer 1956— Biography

Family: Son of Frederic Henry Ballmer (manager, Ford Motor Company) and Beatrice Dworkin; married Connie Snyder (public relations executive), 1990; children: three.

Jill Barad 1951— Biography

Family: Daughter of Lawrence Elikann (television director) and Corinne Schuman; married Thomas Kenneth Barad (film producer), 1979; children: two.

Don H. Barden 1943— Biography

Family: Son of Milton Barden (mechanic and auto laborer) and Hortense (maiden name unknown); married Bella Marshall (Barden Companies' president and COO); children: one.

Ned Barnholt 1943— Biography

Career: Hewlett-Packard, 1966–1973, research and development engineer; 1973–1980, marketing manager; 1980–1984, general manager, Microwave and Communications Group; 1984–1988, general manager, Electronic Instruments Group; 1988–1993, vice president; 1990–1999, general manager, Test and Measurement Organization; 1993–1996, senior vice president; 1996–1999, executive vice president; Agilent Technologies, 1999–, president and chief executive officer; 2002–, chairman of the board.

Colleen Barrett 1944— Biography

Career: Mathews & Branscomb law firm, 1968–1970, secretary; Southwest Airlines Company, 1978–2001, began as corporate secretary and became vice president of administration and then executive vice president of customers; 2001–, president and chief operating officer.

Craig R. Barrett 1939— Biography

Family: Married Barbara (lawyer and politician who ran for governor of Arizona in 1994); children: two.

Matthew William Barrett 1944— Biography

Family: Married Irene Korsak, c. 1967 (divorced, 1995); married Anne-Marie Sten, 1997 (separated); children (first marriage): four.

John M. Barth 1946— Biography

Career: Johnson Controls, 1969–?, industrial engineer; ?–1990, head of plastics group; 1990–1992, head of automotive business; 1992–1998, executive vice president; 1998–2002, president and COO; 2002–2004, CEO; 2004–, chairman and CEO.

Glen A. Barton 1939— Biography

Career: Caterpillar, 1961–1964, trainee; 1964–1968, 1972–1975, sales associate for Caterpillar Overseas; 1975–1977, manager for South American Sales; 1977–1983, manager of Merchandising Division, General Offices; 1983–1984, sales and product support manager in Industrial Lift Truck Division; 1984–1986, manager in Products Control; 1987–1989, vice president of Caterpillar, president of Solar Turbines; 1989–1990, executive vice president; 1990–1998, group president; 1999–2004, chairman and CEO.

Richard Barton 1967— Biography

Family: Son of Jim Barton (a retired executive at Union Carbide) and Betsy (a homemaker; maiden name unknown); married Sara (an obstetrician and gynecologist; maiden name unknown); children: three.

J. T. Battenberg III 1944— Biography

Career: General Motors, 1961–1986, assembly line, plant superintendent, comptroller, production manager, plant manager, managing director of the General Motors Continental Division in Belgium, general manager of overseas truck operations in England; 1986–1992, vice president of Buick-Oldsmobile-Cadillac Group's luxury car division; 1992–1995, vice president of Automotive Components Group Worldwide; 1995–1998, executive vice president; Delphi Corporation, 1995–1998, president; 1998–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Claude BΓ©bΓ©ar 1935— Biography

Career: Anciennes Mutuelles, 1958–1964; 1964–1966, founder of life-insurance branch of Provinces Unies; 1975–1978, chairman; Mutuelles Unis, 1978–1985, chairman; AXA Group, 1985–2000, chairman and CEO.

Pierre-Olivier Beckers 1960— Biography

Education: I.A.G, Univerite catholique de Louvain, bachelor's degree; Harvard Business School, MBA.

Jean-Louis Beffa 1941— Biography

Family: Son of an engineer and a teacher; married; children: three.

Alain Belda 1943— Biography

Family: Married Haydee (maiden name unknown; a philanthropist); children: at least two.

Charles Bell 1960— Biography

Family: Son of a travel agent (name unknown) and Margaret (maiden name unknown); married; children: one.

Luciano Benetton 1935— Biography

Family: Son of Leone (owner of a car and bike rental business) and Rosa Carniato; married Teresa (maiden name unknown), 1961; children: five.

Robert H. Benmosche 1944— Biography

Born: May 29, 1944, in New York City, New York.

Silvio Berlusconi 1936— Biography

Family: Son of Luigi (bank clerk) and Rosella (secretary) Berlusconi; married Carla Dall'Ogglio (divorced); married Veronica Lario (actress), 1990; children: five (first marriage, two; second marriage, three).

Betsy Bernard 1955— Biography

Education: Saint Lawrence University, BA, 1977; Fairleigh Dickinson University, MBA, 1981; Stanford University, MS, 1989.

Daniel Bernard 1946— Biography

Career: Director of hypermarket chains Mammouth and Delta; Metro, 1975–1981, various positions; 1981–1992, managing director of Metro France; Carrefour, 1992–1998, CEO; 1998–, chairman and CEO.

David W. Bernauer 1944— Biography

Career: Walgreen Company, 1967–1979, pharmacist and then also store manager; 1979–1987, district manager; 1987–1990, regional vice president; 1990–1992, vice president and treasurer; 1992–1994, vice president of purchasing and merchandising; 1994–1997, vice president and chief information officer; 1997–1999, senior vice president and CIO; 1999–2002, president and COO; 2002–2003, CEO; 2003–, chairman and CEO.

Wulf H. Bernotat 1948— Biography

Career: Shell, 1976–1981, legal-department counsel; 1981–1984, Business Development Manager for Eastern Europe; 1984–1986, head of Lubricant and Fuel Trading Business for Germany; 1986–1987, strategic planning; 1987–1988, Erdgas marketing; 1988–1989, head of distribution for Aviation and Public Authorities; 1989–1992, general manager for Portugal; 1992–1995, area coordinator for Africa and coordinator of Southern Hemisphere Coal Business; 1995, board of management member; VEBA, 1996–1998, board of management member; 1998–2000, head of downstream marketing and distribution; Stinnes, 2000–2002, chairman; E.ON, 2003–, chairman and CEO.

Gordon M. Bethune 1941— Biography

Education: Abilene Christian University, BS; Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Program, 1992.

J. Robert Beyster 1925— Biography

Career: Westinghouse, early 1950s, senior scientist; Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratory, mid-1950s, research scientist; General Atomic Company, 1957–1969, chairman of the Accelerator Physics Department; Science Applications International Corporation, 1969–2004, chairman and CEO.

Jeff Bezos 1964— Biography

Family: Son of Miguel Bezos (Exxon engineer) and Jackie Gise Jorgensen; married McKenzie Tuttle (former D. E.

Pierre Bilger 1941— Biography

Career: Compagnie GΓ©nΓ©rale d'Γ‰lectricitΓ©, 1982–1991; GEC Alsthom, 1991–1998, chairman; ALSTOM SA, 1998–2003, chairman and CEO.

Alwaleed Bin Talal 1957(?)— Biography

Family: Son of Prince Talal; married Princess Kholood; divorced twice; children: two (previous marriage).

Dave Bing 1943— Biography

Family: Son of a contractor; mother's occupation unknown. Twice married (divorced); children: three.

Carole Black 1945— Biography

Career: Proctor & Gamble, 1970–1983, marketing executive; DDB Needham, 1983–1986, senior vice president; Walt Disney Company, 1986–1993, held positions of vice president of worldwide marketing and senior vice president of marketing and television; NBC 4, 1994–1999, general manager; Lifetime Entertainment Services, 1999–, president and chief executive officer.

Cathleen Black 1944— Biography

Family: Daughter of James Hamilton Black (food-company executive) and Margaret Harrington; married Thomas Harvey (attorney); children: two.

Jonathan Bloomer 1954— Biography

Career: Arthur Andersen, joined company in 1974; 1991–1995, senior partner of European Insurance Practice; Prudential Public Limited Company, 1995–1999, group finance director; Prudential Public Limited Company, 1999–2000, deputy group chief executive; Prudential Public Limited Company, 2000–, group chief executive.

Alan L. Boeckmann 1948— Biography

Career: Fluor Corporation, 1974–1992, engineer; 1992–1996, various management positions including assignments in California, Texas, South Carolina, South Africa, and Venezuela; 1992–1996, president of Chemicals, Plastics and Fibers; 1996–1999, group president of Chemicals and Industrial Processes; Fluor Daniel, 1999–2001, president and chief operating officer; Fluor Corporation, 2001–2002, president and chief operating officer; 2002–, chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

Daniel Bouton 1950— Biography

Education: Earned degrees from National Institute of Political Studies and National School of Administration.

Martin Bouygues 1952— Biography

Family: Son of Francis Bouygues; married (wife's name unknown); children: none.

Jack O. Bovender Jr. 1945— Biography

Career: U.S. Navy, Naval Regional Medical Center, Portsmouth, Virginia, 1969–1975, lieutenant; Medical Center Hospital, Largo, Florida, chief executive officer; West Florida Regional Medical Center, chief executive officer; Health Corporation of America, 1975–1985, associate hospital administrator; 1985–1992, senior level positions; 1992–1994, executive vice president and chief operating officer; retired, 1994–1997; Health Corporation of America, 1997–2001, president and chief operating officer; 2001–, chief executive officer; 2002–, chairman.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe 1944— Biography

Career: Findus, 1968–1970, ice-cream sales and delivery; NestlΓ© Chile, 1970–1980, sales manager and director of marketing; NestlΓ© Ecuador, 1981–1983, managing director; NestlΓ© Venezuela, 1983–1987, president and managing director; NestlΓ© S.A., 1987–1992, senior vice president of Culinary Products Division; 1992–1997, executive vice president of strategic business groups; 1997–, chief executive officer; 2001–, chief executive officer and vice chairman of the board of directors.

Richard Branson 1950— Biography

Family: Son of Edward (barrister) and Eva Huntley-Flindt (dancer and flight attendant) Branson; married Kristen Tomassi, 1972 (divorced 1979); married Joan Templeman, 1989; children: two.

Edward D. Breen 1956— Biography

Career: General Instruments, 1978–1988, salesman; 1988–1994, senior vice president of sales; 1994–1997, various positions as president of Broadband Networks Group, president of Eastern Operations for the Communications Division, and vice president of Terrestrial Systems; 1997–2000, chairman, president, and chief executive officer; Motorola, 2000–2001, executive vice president of Motorola, president of Broadband Communications Sector (BCS), and subsequently head of the Networks Sector (which included the Global Telecom Solutions Sector; the Commercial, Government, and Industrial Solutions Sector; and BCS); 2001, president; 2002, president and chief operating officer; Tyco International, 2002–, president and chief executive officer.

Thierry Breton 1955— Biography

Career: French school Lycee Francais in New York City, 1979–1981, teacher; Forma SystΓ¨mes, 1981–1986, chairman and CEO; French Ministry of Education and Research, 1986–1990, adviser; CGI Group, 1990–1993, CEO; Bull Group, 1993–, deputy managing director; Thomson Multimedia, 1997–2002, CEO; France TΓ©lΓ©com, 2002–, CEO.

Ulrich Brixner 1941— Biography

Career: Sudwestdeutsche Genossenschaftliche Zentralbank, 1991–1998, member of managing board; 1998–2000, chairman; Genossenschaftliche Zentralbank, 2000–2001, chairman; Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, 2001–, chairman and CEO.

John Browne 1948— Biography

Family: Son of Edmund (British army officer) and Paula Browne (homemaker); never married; children: none.

Wayne Brunetti 1942— Biography

Education: University of Florida, BS, 1964; Harvard University, Program for Management Development, 1974.

John E. Bryson 1943— Biography

Career: Natural Resources Defense Council, 1969–1979, lawyer; California Public Utilities Commission, 1979–1983, president; Morrison and Foerster, 1983–1984; partner; Edison International, 1984–1990, senior vice president for legal and financial affairs; 1990–1999, chairman of the board and chief executive officer; 2000–, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president; Southern California Edison, 1990–2003, chairman of the board and chief executive officer; 2003–, chairman of the board.

Warren E. Buffett 1930— Biography

Education: Attended University of Pennsylvania; University of Nebraska, BA, 1952; Columbia University, MA, 1953.

Steven A. Burd 1949— Biography

Education: Carroll College, BS, 1971; University of Wisconsin, MA, 1973.

H. Peter Burg 1946—2004 Biography

Career: Ohio Edison, 1968–1973, financial analyst trainee, associate financial analyst, economic analyst, and director of financial studies; 1974–1985, treasurer; 1985–1989, vice president; 1989–1996, senior vice president; 1994–1995, Pennsylvania Power (Ohio Edison subsidiary), interim president; 1996–1999, Ohio Edison, president; 1997, CEO and CFO; FirstEnergy Corporation; 1999–2000, president and CEO; chairman and CEO, 2000–2004.

Antony Burgmans 1947— Biography

Education: University of Stockholm, Sweden, BA (date unknown); University of Lancaster, United Kingdom, MA (date unknown).

James Burke 1925— Biography

Education: Holy Cross College, BS, 1947; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1949.

Ursula Burns 1958— Biography

Education: Polytechnic Institute of New York, BS, 1980; Columbia University, MS, 1981.

Louis C. Camilleri 1957— Biography

Education: University of Lausanne, Switzerland, degree in economics and business administration, 1976.

Lewis B. Campbell 1946— Biography

Career: General Motors, 1968–1988, various management positions, including general manager of the Flint automobile division, Buick-Oldsmobile-Cadillac Group, and the GMC Truck Division; 1988–1992, vice president; Textron, 1992–1994, executive vice president and COO; 1994–1998, president; 1998, CEO and president; 1999–2001, chairman and CEO; 2001–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Philippe Camus 1948— Biography

Education: Institut d'Γ‰tudes Politiques de Paris, BA, 1970; Γ‰cole Normale SupΓ©rieure, BS, 1971; actuarial sciences degree, 1980.

Michael R. Cannon 1953— Biography

Education: Michigan State University, BS; Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Program.

Jim Cantalupo 1943—2004 Biography

Family: Son of James Francis Cantalupo and Eileen Patricia Goggin; married Jo Ann Lucero, 1973; children: two.

Thomas E. Capps 1935— Biography

Family: Son of Edward S. Capps Jr.

Daniel A. Carp 1948— Biography

Education: Ohio University, BBA, 1970; Rochester Institute of Technology, MBA, 1973; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MSM, 1988.

Peter Cartwright 1930— Biography

Career: General Electric, 1960–1979, worked in nuclear plant construction, project management, and new business development; Gibbs and Hill, 1979–1984, engineering consultant; Calpine, 1984–, chairman, chief executive officer, and president.

Steve Case 1958— Biography

Family: Son of Dan (attorney) and Carol (teacher; maiden name unknown) Case; married Joanne Baker (divorced); children: three; married Jean Villanueva.

CΓ‘ssio Casseb Lima 1955— Biography

Education: Escola Politécnica, Universidade de Sāo Paulo, BS, 1978.

Robert B. Catell 1937— Biography

Career: Brooklyn Union Gas, 1958–1974, junior engineer; 1974–1977, assistant vice president; 1977–1981, vice president; 1981–1984, senior vice president; 1984–1986, executive vice president; 1986–1990, chief operating officer; 1990–1991, president; 1991–1996, president and chief executive officer; 1996–1997, chairman and chief executive officer; KeySpan Energy Delivery, 1997–, chairman and chief executive officer; KeySpan Corporation, 1998–, chairman and chief executive officer.

William Cavanaugh III 1939— Biography

Career: U.S. Navy, 1961–1969, rose to the rank of lieutenant commander of the navy's nuclear program; Entergy Corporation, 1969–1986, several management capacities at subsidiaries, became chief operating officer (COO) and director, became group president of Energy Supply; 1986–1992, chairman, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Entergy Operations; chairman, president, and CEO of System Energy Resources; Carolina Power & Light Company, 1992–1996, president and COO; 1996–2001, president and CEO; Progress Energy, 2000–2004, president, CEO, and chairman.

Charles M. Cawley 1941— Biography

Career: Maryland Bank National Association, worked primarily in consumer credit; MBNA Corporation, founded in 1982; 1984–2002, president; 2002–2003, president and chief executive officer; MBNA America Bank, ?–2003, chairman and chief executive officer.

Clarence P. Cazalot Jr. 1951— Biography

Career: Texaco, 1972–1974, geophysicist; offshore division, 1974–1976, various posts; 1976–1977, assistant district geologist; 1977–1979, district geologist; 1979–1981, assistant division geologist; 1981–1984, regional manager of exploration; 1984–1985, staff geologist for exploration and production executive committee; 1985–1987, assistant to vice chairman; frontier exploration department, 1987–1992, general manager; 1992–2000, corporate vice president; 1992, president of Latin America/West Africa Division; Texaco Exploration and Production, 1994–1997, president; Texaco International Marketing and Manufacturing, 1997–1998, president; Texaco Ltd., 1998–1999, president for international production and chairman; 1999–2000, corporate vice president and president for production operations; USX Corporation, 2000–2001, vice chairman; Marathon Oil Company (an operating unit of USX), 2000–2001, president; Marathon Oil Corporation, 2001–, president and CEO.

Nicholas D. Chabraja 1942— Biography

Career: Jenner & Block (law firm), 1968–1997; 1984–1993, partner; 1986, special counsel to United States House of Representatives; 1992, special counsel to General Dynamics; General Dynamics, 1993–1994, senior vice president and general counsel; 1994–, director; 1994–1996, executive vice president; 1997 (1 January–31 May), vice chairman of the board; 1997–, chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

John T. Chambers 1949— Biography

Family: Son of an obstetrician/gynecologist and a psychologist (names unknown); married Elaine (maiden name unknown); children: two.

J. Harold Chandler 1949— Biography

Education: Wofford College, BA, 1971; University of South Carolina Graduate School of Business Administration, MBA, 1972; Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Program, 1986.

Morris Chang 1931— Biography

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, 1952, MS, 1953; Stanford University, PhD, 1964.

Chen Tonghai 1948— Biography

Education: Northeastern Petroleum Institute, 1976, bachelor's degree in exploration and oil extracting engineering.

Kenneth I. Chenault 1951— Biography

Education: Bowdoin College, BA, 1973; Harvard University Law School, JD, 1976.

Fujio Cho 1937— Biography

Career: Toyota Motor Corporation, 1960–1966, apprentice and training employee; 1966–1974, Production Control Division; 1974–1984, manager in Production Control Division; 1984–1986, manager in Logistics Administration and project manager in Production Control Division; 1986–1987, manager in Administration; 1987–1988, manager of Toyota North America Project and executive vice president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing USA; 1988–1994, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing USA; 1994–1996, managing director; 1996–1998, senior managing director; 1998–1999, executive vice president; 1999–, CEO and president.

Chung Ju-yung 1915—2001 Biography

Family: Son of Chung Bong-sik and Han Seong-sil; married Byun Joong-seok; children: nine.

Carla Cico 1961— Biography

Education: London School of Business, MBA, 1993; University of London, MSE, 1993.

Philippe Citerne 1949— Biography

Education: Ecole Centrale de Paris, undergraduate degree in economics, graduate degree in mathematics.

Jim Clark 1944— Biography

Education: University of New Orleans, MA, 1971; University of Utah, PhD, 1974.

Vance D. Coffman 1944— Biography

Education: Iowa State University, BS, 1967; Stanford University, PhD, 1973.

Douglas R. ca. Conant 1952— Biography

Career: General Mills, 1976–1989, marketing department; Kraft General Foods, 1989–1992, director of strategy; Nabisco Foods Group, 1992, vice president and general manager of Fleischmann's division; Nabisco Biscuit Co., 1992–1994, senior vice president of marketing; 1994–1995, sales and integrated logistics unit executive; Nabisco Food Company, 1995–2000, president; Campbell Soup Company, 2001β€”, president, chief executive officer, and director.

Phil Condit 1941— Biography

Education: University of California, Berkeley, BS, 1963; Princeton University, MS, 1965; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, MS, 1975; Science University of Tokyo, PhD, 1997.

Terence Conran 1931— Biography

Education: Attended Central School of Arts and Crafts, 1949–1950.

John W. Conway 1945— Biography

Career: Continental Can International, served in various positions and then as president; Crown Cork & Seal (established as Crown Holdings in 2003), various management positions leading to president and COO, 1991–2001, then president, chief executive officer, and chairman, 2001–.

John R. Coomber 1949— Biography

Career: Phoenix Insurance Company, 1970–1973, actuarial trainee; Swiss Re (UK), 1973–1974, actuarial trainee; 1974–1983, reinsurance; 1983–1987, appointed actuary; 1987–1990, head of life division and general manager; 1990–1993, deputy chief executive officer; 1991, director; 1993–1995, managing director and chief executive officer; Swiss Re, 1995–2003, member, executive board; 2003–, chief executive officer.

Roger Corbett 1942— Biography

Education: University of New South Wales, BA; Stanford University, MBA.

Alston D. Correll 1941— Biography

Education: University of Georgia, BS, 1963; University of Maine, MS, 1966; University of Maine, MS, 1967.

Alfonso Cortina de Alcocer 1944— Biography

Education: Madrid University; Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers, Madrid.

David M. Cote 1952— Biography

Family: Married twice; children: two from first marriage, one from second marriage.

Robert Crandall 1935— Biography

Education: Attended William and Mary College, 1953–1955; University of Rhode Island, BS, 1957; Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, MBA, 1960.

Mac Crawford 1949— Biography

Career: Arthur Young & Company, 1971–1981; GTI, 1981–1985, CFO; Oxylance Corporation, 1985–1986, CFO; Mulberry Street Investment Company, 1986–1990, president; Charter Medical Corporation, 1990–1992, executive vice president of hospital operations; 1992–1993, president and COO; 1993–1995, chairman, CEO, and president; Magellan Health Services, 1995–1997, chairman, CEO, and president; MedPartners, 1997–1998, president and CEO; Caremark, 1998–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Carlos Criado-Perez 1952— Biography

Career: SHV Makro, 1976–1990, international roles; 1990–1997, executive director; Wal-Mart, 1997–1999, COO of International Division; Safeway, 1999, COO; 1999–2004, CEO.

James R. Crosby 1956— Biography

Career: Scottish Amicable, 1977–1983, fund manager; 1983–1994, investment director and head of overseas equities; Halifax Building Society, 1994–1996, managing director; Halifax PLC, 1996–1998, director of financial services and insurance; HBOS PLC, 1998–, CEO.

Adam Crozier 1964— Biography

Born: January 26, 1964, in Falkirk, Isle of Bute, Scotland.

Alexander M. Cutler 1951— Biography

Career: Cutler-Hammer, 1975–1977, financial analyst; 1977–1979, business group controller; Eaton Corporation, 1979–1980, division controller; 1980–1982, assembly plant manager; 1982–1985, manager of U.S. Power Distribution Division; 1985-1986, general manager of U.S.

MΓ‘rcio A. Cypriano 1943— Biography

Career: Banco da Bahia, 1967–1973, bank clerk; Banco Bradesco, 1973–1984, branch manager; 1984–1986, department manager; 1986–1988, associate executive officer; 1988–1995, managing director; 1995–1999, executive vice president; 1999–, president.

David F. D'Alessandro 1951— Biography

Family: Son of Dominick D'Alessandro and Rosemary Pallaria; married Jeannette (maiden name unknown), 1996; children: three.

Eric Daniels 1951— Biography

Education: Cornell University, BA, 1973; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MSc, 1975.

George David 1942— Biography

Education: Harvard University, BA, 1965; University of Virginia Darden Business School, MBA, 1967.

Richard K. Davidson 1942— Biography

Family: Son of Richard Davidson (farmer) and Thelma Rees; married Trish (maiden name unknown); children: three.

Julian C. Day 1952— Biography

Education: Oxford, BA, 1974; Oxford, MA, 1979; London University, MS, 1979.

Henri de Castries 1954— Biography

Education: HEC School of Management, 1976, undergraduate business degree; law degree; Γ‰cole Nationale d'Administration, graduate, 1980.

Michael S. Dell 1965— Biography

Family: Son of Alexander (orthodontist) and Lorraine D. (stockbroker) Dell; married Susan Lieberman (fashion designer, boutique owner), 1989; children: four.

Guerrino de Luca 1952— Biography

Career: Olivetti, 1977–1988, research and development; manager of product development and sales for networking unit; Apple, 1988–1995, vice president of business marketing; 1995–1997, president and CEO of Claris Corporation (subsidiary of Apple); 1997, corporate executive vice president of marketing; Logitech International, 1998–, president and CEO.

Hebert Demel 1953— Biography

Career: Institute for Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering, 1978–1984, scientific/engineering assistant; Robert Bosch, 1984–1990, senior manager of ABS/ASR applications and quality assurance; Audi, 1990–1995, senior manager, then CEO; 1994–1997, chairman of the management board; Volkswagen, 1997–2002, president of Brazilian affiliate; Magna Steyr, 2002–2003, CEO and president; Fiat, 2003–, CEO.

Roger Deromedi 1953— Biography

Education: Vanderbilt University, BA, 1975; Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA, 1977.

Thierry Desmarest 1945— Biography

Career: Corps des mines, 1971–1975, engineer; Ministry of Industry, 1975–1978, engineer; Ministry for Economic Affairs, 1978–1980, engineer and technical adviser; Total compagnie franΓ§aise des pΓ©troles (renamed Total in 1992), 1981–1983, director of Algerian operations; 1983–1988, director of Total Exploration and Production (TEP) for Latin American and West Africa; 1988–1989, manager and economic director; 1989–1995, director general of TEP and senior executive vice president; 1995–1998, president and chief executive officer; 1998–, chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

Michael Diekmann 1954— Biography

Career: Diekmann/Thieme, 1983–1988, CEO; Allianz, 1988–1989, executive assistant to the head of the Hamburg regional office; 1990, head of sales at the Hamburg Harburg office; 1991–1992, head of the Hannover office; 1993, head of customer relationship management for private customers; 1994–1995, head of sales for the North Rhine–Westphalia region; 1996–1997, director of insurance management for the Asia-Pacific region; 1998–2003, member of the Allianz management board; 2002–2003, responsible for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and group human resources; 2003–, chairman and CEO.

William Dillard II 1945— Biography

Education: University of Arkansas, BSBA, 1966; Harvard University, MBA, 1968.

Barry Diller 1942— Biography

Family: Son of (a store owner) and Reva Addison (a receptionist); married Diane von Furstenberg (a clothing designer), 2001.

John T. Dillon 1938— Biography

Education: University of Hartford, BA, 1965; Columbia University Graduate School of Business, MA, 1971.

Jamie Dimon 1956— Biography

Born: March 13, 1956, in New York City, New York.

Peter R. Dolan 1956— Biography

Family: Son of John Ralph Dolan and Lois Burkhart; married Katherine Helen Lange (former executive director of Saint Joseph's Hospital); children: two.

Guy DollΓ© 1942— Biography

Career: Irsid Steel Research Center, 1966–1980; Usinor, 1980–1984, head of plates and tubes division; 1985, chair of GTS Industries; 1986, executive vice president of Unisor Aciers; 1987–1993, vice president of industrial affairs for Solca; 1993–1995, chairman and CEO of Unimetal; 1995–1997, executive vice president of strategy, planning, and international affairs; 1997–1999, head of stainless-steel and alloys division; 1999–2001, senior executive vice president; Arcelor, 2002–, chairman and CEO.

Tim M. Donahue 1949— Biography

Career: MCI Communications Corporation, 1984–1986; McCaw Cellular Communications (now AT&T Wireless Services), 1986–1989, president of paging division; 1989–1991, president of U.S. central region; 1991–1994, president of northeast region; AT&T Wireless Services, 1994-1996, president of northeast region; Nextel Communications, 1996–1999, president and COO; 1999–, president and CEO.

David W. Dorman 1954— Biography

Career: Sprint, 1981–1990, manager; 1990–1994, president of Sprint Business; Pacific Bell, 1994–1997, president, CEO, and chairman; SBC Communications, 1997, executive vice president; PointCast, 1997–1999, president, CEO, and chairman; Concert Communications, 1999–2000, CEO; AT&T Corporation, 2000–2002, president; 2002–, chairman and CEO.

JΓΌrgen Dormann 1940— Biography

Career: Hoechst, 1963–1964, management trainee; 1964–1973, head of fiber-sales department; 1973–1974, member of corporate staff; 1975–1979, overseer of all international personnel; 1980–1985, head of international department; 1986–1987, overseer of special-chemicals division and dyes operations and North American division; 1987–1993, CFO of information technology and head of Hoechst Celanese; 1994–1999, chairman and CEO; Aventis, 1999–2002, chairman of management board; 2002–, chairman of supervisory board; ABB, 2001–2002, chairman, 2002–2004, chairman, CEO, and president; 2004–, chairman.

E. Linn Draper Jr. 1942— Biography

Education: Rice University, BA, 1964; BS, 1965; Cornell University, PhD, 1970.

John G. Drosdick 1943— Biography

Education: Villanova University, BS, 1965; University of Massachusetts–Amherst, MS, 1968.

JosΓ© Dutra 1957— Biography

Education: Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, BA, 1979.

Tony Earley Jr. 1949— Biography

Education: University of Notre Dame, BS, 1971; MS, 1979; JD, 1979.

Robert A. Eckert 1954— Biography

Education: University of Arizona, BS, 1976; Northwestern University, MBA, 1977.

Rolf Eckrodt 1942— Biography

Career: Daimler-Benz, 1966–1968, member of quality assurance for passenger cars; 1968–1981, manager in Passenger Car Division; 1981–1983, leader of production components for passenger cars; 1983–1986, vice president of axle production for passenger cars; Mercedes-Benz (subsidiary of Daimler-Benz), 1986–1987, executive assistant to president of Passenger Car Division; Daimler-Benz, 1987–1989, director of planning and production for passenger cars and components; Mercedes-Benz, 1990–1992, director of worldwide marketing for passenger cars; Mercedes-Benz do Brasil (subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz), 1992–1996, president; Adtranz (subsidiary of Daimler-Benz and ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation), 1996–1998, deputy chief executive officer and chairman of the board; Adtranz (to become Adtranz-DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems in 1999), 1998–2000, president and chief executive officer; Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, 2001–2002, executive vice president and chief operating officer; 2002–2004, president and chief executive officer.

Michael Eisner 1942— Biography

Family: Son of Lester Eisner and Margaret Dammann; married Jane Breckenridge; children: three.

John Elkann 1976— Biography

Family: Son of Alain Elkann (writer) and Margherita Agnelli; married Princess Lavinia de Borromeo-Arese, 2004.

Larry Ellison 1944— Biography

Education: Attended University of Illinois, 1962–1964; attended University of Chicago, 1964–1966.

Thomas J. Engibous 1953— Biography

Family: Son of James (research scientist) and Emma Buck; married Wendy (maiden name unknown); children: three.

Gregg L. Engles 1957— Biography

Career: United States Court of Appeals, 1982–1983, law clerk; 2M Companies, 1983–1984, analyst; 1985–1988, real estate investor (self-employed principal); Reddy Ice, 1988–1995, chairman and chief executive officer; Engles Capital Corporation, 1988–1992, president; Engles Management Corporation, 1993–1994, president; Suiza Puerto Rico, 1993–1995, chairman; Velda Farms, 1994–1995, chairman; Suiza Foods Corporation, 1994–2001, chairman and chief executive officer; Engles, Urso, Follmer Capital, 1994–, chairman; Dean Foods Company, 2001–2002, vice chairman and chief executive officer; 2002–, chairman and chief executive officer.

Ted English 1954— Biography

Career: Filene's Basement, 1983, buyer; T. J.

Roger Enrico 1944— Biography

Career: General Mills, 1970–1971, marketing assistant; Frito-Lay, beginning in 1971, associate production manager; Pepsi-Cola International, vice president of southern Latin America unit; Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group, 1980–1981, senior vice president of sales and marketing; Pepsi-Cola USA, 1982–1983, executive vice president; PepsiCo Beverages & Foods, 1983–1986, president and CEO; PepsiCo Worldwide Beverages, 1987–1991, CEO; Frito-Lay and PepsiCo Foods International, 1991–1993, chairman and CEO; PepsiCo Worldwide Restaurants, 1994–1995, president and CEO; PepsiCo, 1996, CEO; 1997–2001, vice chairman and CEO; 2001–2003, chairman.

Charlie Ergen 1953— Biography

Education: University of Tennessee, BS, 1975; Babcock Graduate School of Management, Wake Forest University, MBA, 1976.

Michael L. Eskew 1949— Biography

Education: Purdue University, BS, 1972; Wharton School of Business, Advanced Management Program, 1993.

Matthew J. Espe 1959— Biography

Education: University of Idaho, bachelor's degree; Whittier College, MBA, 1984.

Robert A. Essner 1947— Biography

Education: Miami University, bachelor's degree; University of Chicago, master's degree.

John H. Eyler Jr. 1948— Biography

Education: University of Washington, BS, 1969; Harvard University School of Business, MBA, 1971.