Ma Fucai 1943— Biography

Career: China National Petroleum Corporation, ?–1990, worked in oilfields, various positions; 1990–1996, deputy director, standing deputy director, and director of Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau; 1996, assistant president; 1996–1998, vice president; 1997–1998, director of Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau; 1998–2004, president; PetroChina, 1999–, chairman.

John J. Mack 1944— Biography

Family: Son of Charlie Machoul (mother's name unknown); married Christy (maiden name unknown); children: three.

Terunobu Maeda 1945— Biography

Career: Fuji Bank, 1968–2000, director and general manager of Credit Planning Division, director and general manager of Corporate Planning Division, managing director of Public and Financial Institution Group, chief financial officer, and deputy president; 2000–2001, vice president; Mizuho Holdings Corporation, 2001, president and CEO.

Joseph Magliochetti 1942—2003 Biography

Career: Victor Manufacturing, 1966–1967, management trainee; Dana Corporation, 1967–1975, management trainee in a number of sales, engineering, and manufacturing positions; Dana's Churubusco Distribution Center, 1975–1978, plant managerβ€”service-parts group; Dana-Spicer Clutch Division, 1978–1979, general manager; 1979–1980, vice president and general manager; Dana Engineering (part of Dana Europe), 1980, director of drive-train components; Dana Europe, 1980–1985, president; Dana North American Operations, 1985–1990, group vice president; 1990–1992, presidentβ€”automotive; 1992–1996, president; Dana Corporation, 1996–1997, president; 1997–1999, chief operating officer; 1999–2003, president and chief executive officer; 2000–2003, chairman of the board of directors.

Marjorie Magner 1949— Biography

Education: Brooklyn College, BS, 1969; Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, MSIA (master of science in industrial administration), 1974.

Richard Mahoney 1934— Biography

Career: Monsanto, 1962–1965(?), product development specialist; 1965–1967, marketing manager for new products; 1967–1971, marketing manager for bonding products and divisional sales director; 1971–1974, sales director for agricultural division; 1974–1975, international operations director for agricultural division; 1975, general manager of the overseas division of the agricultural division; 1975–1976, corporate vice president and managing director of Monsanto Agricultural Products; Monsanto Plastics and Resins, 1976–1977, group vice president and managing director; 1977–1980, executive vice president; 1980–1981, president; 1981–1983, chief operating officer; Monsanto Company, 1983–1986, president and chief executive officer; 1986–1995, chief executive officer and chairman.

Steven J. Malcolm 1948— Biography

Career: Cities Gas Company, ?–1984, refining, marketing, and transportation services; Williams Companies, 1984–1986, director of business development, Williams Natural Gas Company; 1986–1989, director of gas management, Williams Natural Gas Company; 1989–1993, vice president of gas management and supply; 1993–1994, senior vice president and general manager of the midcontinent region, Williams Field Services; 1994–1996, senior vice president and general manager of gathering and processing, Williams Field Services; 1996–1998, senior vice president and general manager, Midstream Gas and Liquids; 1998–2001, president and chief executive officer, Williams Energy Services; 2001–2002, president and chief operating officer; 2002–, chairman, president, and chief executive officer.

Richard A. Manoogian 1936— Biography

Family: Son of Alex Manoogian (founder, Masco Corporation); married; children: three.

Mohamed Hassan Marican 1952— Biography

Career: Touche Ross & Company, 1972–1980; Hanafiah Raslan and Mohamed, 1980–1989, partner; Petronas, 1989–1995, senior vice president (finance); Petronas Gas Berhad, 1991–, chairman; Petronas, 1995–, president and chief executive officer; Petronas Dagan Berhad, 1995–, chairman; Malaysia International Shipping Corporation Berhad, 1997–, chairman; Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (Proton), 2000–2003, director and chairman.

Reuben Mark 1939— Biography

Education: Middlebury College, BA, 1960; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1963.

Michael E. Marks 1950— Biography

Education: Oberlin College, BA, MA, 1973; Harvard University, MBA, ca. 1976.

J. Willard Marriott Jr. 1932— Biography

Family: Son of John Willard (the founder of Hot Shoppes and its successor, Marriott Corporation) and Alice Sheets (a civic leader); married Donna Garff, 1955; children: four.

R. Brad Martin 1951— Biography

Education: University of Memphis, BA, 1976; Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, MBA, 1980.

Strive Masiyiwa 1961— Biography

Family: Married Tsitsi (maiden name unknown; director, Econet charitable trust); children: four.

David Maxwell 1930— Biography

Education: Yale University, BA, 1952; Harvard Law School, JD, 1955.

L. Lowry Mays 1935— Biography

Education: Texas A&M University, BS, 1959; Harvard University, MBA, 1962.

Michael B. McCallister 1952— Biography

Education: Louisiana Tech University, BA, 1974; Pepperdine University, MBA, 1983.

W. Alan McCollough 1950— Biography

Education: Missouri Valley College, BS, 1971; Southern Illinois University, MBA, 1974.

Mike McGavick 1958— Biography

Career: The Rockey Company, 1983–1986, vice president; Washington Round Table, 1986–1988, vice president; U.S. Senator Slade Gorton, 1989–1991, chief of staff and campaign manager; The Gallatin Group, 1991–1992, partner; American Insurance Association, 1992–1995, director of Superfund Improvement Project; CNA, 1995–1996, vice president of New Ventures; 1996–1997, senior financial officer of Commercial Lines Group; 1997–2001, president and COO of Financial Corporation; Safeco Corporation, 2001–2003, president and CEO; 2003–, chairman, president, and CEO.

Eugene R. McGrath 1942— Biography

Education: Manhattan College, BS, 1963; Iona College, MBA, 1980; Harvard University, Advanced Diploma, 1989.

Judy McGrath 1954— Biography

Career: National Advertising, copywriter; Mademoiselle, senior writer; Glamour, copy chief; Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company/MTV Networks Group, 1981–1987, copywriter, on-air promotions; 1987–1991, editorial director; 1991–1993, creative director; 1993–1994, copresident and creative director; 1994–2000, president, MTV and MTV2; 2000–2003, chairman, interactive music; 2000–, president.

William W. McGuire 1948— Biography

Education: University of Texas at Austin, BA, 1970; University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, MD, 1974.

Tom McKillop 1943— Biography

Family: Son of Hugh McKillop and Annie Wilson; married Elizabeth Kettle; children: three.

Henry A. McKinnell Jr. 1943— Biography

Education: University of British Columbia, BA, 1965; Stanford University Graduate School of Business, MBA, 1967; PhD, 1969.

C. Steven ca. McMillan 1946— Biography

Career: McKinsey & Company, 1973–1976, management consultant; Sara Lee Corporation, 1976–1979, president and CEO of Aqualux water-processing division; 1979–1982, president and CEO of Electrolux-Canada affiliate; 1982–1986, president and CEO of Electrolux; 1986–1990, senior vice president for strategy development; 1990–1993, head of packagedmeats, bakery, and food-service businesses; 1993–1997, head of packaged-meats, bakery, food-service, coffee, groceries, and household and body-care businesses; 1997–2001, chairman, president, and COO; 2001–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Scott G. McNealy 1954— Biography

Family: Son of Raymond William McNealy (business executive) and Marmaline (maiden name unknown; homemaker); married Susan Ingemanson, 1994; children: four.

W. James McNerney Jr. 1949— Biography

Family: Son of Walter James McNerney (professor of public health); married (first wife's name unknown; divorced); married Haity; children: three (first marriage), two (second marriage).

Dee Mellor 1957— Biography

Career: General Electric, 1978, manufacturing management program; 1979–1995, positions in GE Aircraft Engine's supply-chain division, manufacturing, quality control, and materials and logistics; GE Engine Services, 1995–1998, various positions; 1998–2000, product-support manager; 2000–2002, general manager of U.S. and Asian service operations; GE Medical Systems (now GE Healthcare), 2002–, vice president and general manager of global-supply chain.

Jean-Marie Messier 1956— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole Polytechnique, BS, 1976; attended Γ‰cole Nationale d'Administration, 1980–1982.

GΓ©rard Mestrallet 1949— Biography

Education: Γ‰cole Polytech, 1968; Γ‰cole Aviation Civile, 1971; Institute for Study of Politics; National School of Administration, 1978.

Edouard Michelin 1963— Biography

Family: Son of François Michelin (company president) and Bernadette Montagne; married; children: five.

Charles Milhaud 1943— Biography

Family: Son of Georges (savings-bank manager) and Fernande (maiden name unknown; homemaker). Married, 1964 (divorced, 1967); married Gisèle (maiden name unknown), 1969; children: two.

Alexei Miller 1962— Biography

Education: Leningrad Institute for Finance and Economics, BA, 1984; PhD, 1989.

Stuart A. Miller 1957— Biography

Education: Harvard University, BS, 1979; University of Miami, JD, 1982.

Akio Mimura 1940— Biography

Career: Fuji Iron & Steel, 1963–1970; Nippon Steel Corporation, 1970–2000; 2000–2003, vice president; 2003–, president.

Vittorio Mincato 1936— Biography

Career: Eni, 1957–1977, various positions, eventually became director of administration and finance for Lanerossi; 1977–1984, director of administration; 1984–1988, assistant to the chairman; 1989–1990, director of human resources; 1990–1993, chairman and CEO of Savio and chairman of Enichem Agricoltura; 1993–1995, deputy chairman and CEO of Enichem; 1996–1998, chairman of Enichem; 1998–, CEO.

Rafael Miranda Robredo 1949— Biography

Career: Tudor, 1973–1984, group technical director; Campofrio, 1984–1987, vice chief executive officer; Endesa, 1987–1997, managing director; 1997–, chief executive officer.

Fujio Mitarai 1935— Biography

Career: Canon Inc., 1961–1979?, accountant; 1979–1989, president and chief executive officer of Canon USA; 1989–1995, managing director; 1995–, president; 1997–, chief executive officer.

William E. Mitchell 1944— Biography

Education: Princeton University, BS, 1966; University of Michigan, MS, 1967.

Hayao Miyazaki 1941— Biography

Family: Son of Katsuji Miyazaki (aircraft-parts manufacturer); married Akemi Ota (animator); children: two.

Anders C. Moberg 1950— Biography

Career: IKEA Group, 1970–1986, various positions; 1986–1999 president and chief executive officer; Home Depot, 1999–2002, president, international division; Royal Ahold, 2003–, chief executive officer.

Larry Montgomery 1949— Biography

Career: Block's, 1985–1987, executive management positions culminating in chief executive officer; L. S.

James P. Mooney 1947— Biography

Family: Son of James B. Mooney (founder of Mooney Chemicals).

Ann Moore 1950— Biography

Education: Vanderbilt University, BS, 1971; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1978.

Patrick J. Moore 1954— Biography

Career: Continental Bank, 1986–1987, assistant vice president; Jefferson Smurfit Corporation, 1987–1990, assistant treasurer; 1990–1993, treasurer; 1993–1998, vice president; 1994–1996, general manager, industrial packaging division; 1996–1998, chief financial officer; Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation, 1998–2002, vice president and chief financial officer; 2002–, president and chief executive officer; 2003–, chairman of the board.

Giuseppe Morchio 1947— Biography

Career: Manuli Group, 1974–1980, cable engineer; Pirelli Group, 1980–1986, director of logistics; Pirelli Coordinamento Pneumatici, 1986–1989, vice president of operations for the tire sector; Pirelli Neumaticos, Spain, 1989–1992, chief executive officer and chairman of the board; Pirelli Tyre North America, 1992–1993, chief executive officer and chairman of the board; Pirelli Cavi S.p.A., 1993–1995, chief executive officer; Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.p.A., 1995–2001, chief executive officer and chairman of the board; Fiat Group, 2003–2004, chief executive officer.

Tomijiro Morita 1941— Biography

Career: Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1964–1996, various positions; 1996–1997, vice president; 1997–, president.

Angelo R. Mozilo 1939— Biography

Career: United Mortgagee Servicing Corporation, 1953–1968; Countrywide Financial Corporation (formerly Countrywide Credit Industries), 1969–, cofounder, chairman, and chief executive officer.

Anne M. Mulcahy 1952— Biography

Career: Xerox, 1976–1991, field sales representative; 1992–1995, vice president, human resources; 1996–1997, vice president and staff officer, customer operations worldwide; 1998, senior vice president and chief staff officer; 1999–2000, president, general markets operations; 2000–2001, president and chief operating officer; 2001–2002, president and chief executive officer; 2002–, chairman and chief executive officer.

Leo F. Mullin 1943— Biography

Family: Son of Leo (high school principal) and Alice (schoolteacher); married Leah Malmberg; children: two.

James J. Mulva 1946— Biography

Career: Phillips Petroleum Company, 1973–1974, management trainee and treasurer; 1974–1976, assistant treasurer; 1976–1980, manager of foreign exchange and investment; 1980–1984, vice president and treasurer of Europe/Africa; 1984–1985, manager of corporate planning; 1985–1986, assistant treasurer; 1986–1988, treasurer; 1988–1990, vice president and treasurer; 1990–1999, chief financial officer; 1994–1999, president and chief operating officer; 1999, vice chairman; 1999–2002, chairman, president, and chief executive officer; ConocoPhillips, 2002–, president and chief executive officer.

RaΓΊl MuΓ±oz Leos 1940— Biography

Career: Du Pont MΓ©xico, ?–2000, various positions, eventually became president and general director; Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), 2000–, general director.

James Murdoch 1972— Biography

Family: Son of Rupert (businessman) and Anna Maria Torv Murdoch; married Kathryn Hufschmid (marketing executive); children: one.

Lachlan Murdoch 1971— Biography

Family: Son of Rupert Murdoch (chairman and chief executive of News Corporation) and Anna (Torv) Murdoch-Mann (author); married Sarah O'Hare (model).

Rupert Murdoch 1931— Biography

Family: Son of Keith Arthur Lay (journalist) and Elisabeth Joy Greene (philanthropist); married Patricia Brooker (airline stewardess; divorced); children: one; married Anna Torv (journalist and novelist; divorced); children: three; married Wendi Deng (secretary); children: two.

N. R. Murthy 1946— Biography

Education: University of Mysore, BTech, 1967; Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, MTech, 1969.

A. Maurice Myers 1940— Biography

Education: California State University at Fullerton, BA, 1964; California State University at Long Beach, MBA, 1972.

Kunio Nakamura 1939— Biography

Career: Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, 1962–1965, various posts; 1985–1989, director of Tokyo Special Sales Office, Corporate Consumer Sales Division; Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (U.S.), 1989–1992, president; Panasonic UK, 1992–1993, president; Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, 1993–1996, president, director, chairman of the board, and director of the Corporate Management Division for the Americas; 1996–1997, managing director; AVC Company, 1997–2000, senior managing director and president; Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, 2000–, president and CEO.

Robert L. Nardelli 1948— Biography

Education: Western Illinois University, BS, 1971; University of Louisville, MBA, 1975.

Jacques Nasser 1947— Biography

Family: Son of Abdo Nasser (independent businessman); married Jennifer (homemaker and philanthropist; maiden name unknown), 1970 (divorced 2000); children: four.

M. Bruce ca. Nelson 1945— Biography

Education: Idaho State University, BA, 1968; Stanford University Executive Program, 1984.

Yoshifumi Nishikawa 1939— Biography

Career: Sumitomo Bank, 1997–2001, president; Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, 2001–, president; Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, 2002–, president and chief executive officer.

Hidetoshi Nishimura 1942— Biography

Career: Nissho Iwai Corporation, 1965–2003, eventually CEO and president of American subsidiary, then president; Nissho Iwai-Nichimen Holdings Corporation, 2003–2004, co-CEO and president; Sojitz Holdings Corporation, 2004–, CEO and president.

Uichiro Niwa Biography

Career: Itochu Corporation, 1966–1998, various positions; 1998–, president; 2004–, chairman.

Gordon M. Nixon 1957— Biography

Family: Son of Melbourne Nixon and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown); married Janet (maiden name unknown); children: three.

Jeffrey Noddle 1947— Biography

Career: Supervalu, 1976–1982, director of retail operations, merchandising director, and vice president of marketing, JM Jones division; 1982–1985, president, Fargo and Miami divisions; 1985–1988, corporate vice president, merchandising; 1988–1992, senior vice president, marketing; 1992–1995, corporate executive vice president and president; 1995–2000, chief operating officer, Distribution Food Companies; 2000–2001, president and chief operating officer; 2001–2002, president and chief executive officer; 2002–, chairman, president, and chief executive officer.

Tamotsu Nomakuchi 1940— Biography

Education: Kyoto University, postgraduate studies, 1965; Osaka University, M.S., 1975, PhD, 1978.

Indra K. Nooyi 1955— Biography

Education: Madras Christian College, BS, 1976; Indian Institute of Management, MBA, 1978; Yale University, master of public and private management, 1980.

Blake W. Nordstrom 1961— Biography

Career: Nordstrom, Incorporated, 1974–1983, stockperson, then salesman in the women's shoe division; 1983–1987, buyer; 1987–1988, merchandise manager for women's shoes for Nordstrom Rack, the Place Two division, and the Alaska stores; 1988–1991, merchandise manager for women's shoes for stores in Washington and Alaska; 1991–1995, vice president and general manager of the Washington and Alaska region, overseeing operations for eight full-line stores, two Nordstrom Rack stores, and the Place Two division; 1995–2000, copresident (along with five brothers and cousins) with responsibilities including operations, the shoe division, and Nordstrom Rack; February–August 2000, president of Nordstrom Rack; August 2000–, corporate president.

Richard C. Notebaert 1947— Biography

Career: Wisconsin Bell, 1969–1983, in marketing and operations; Ameritech Communications, 1983–1986, vice president of marketing and operations; Ameritech Mobile Communications, 1986–1989, president; Indiana Bell Telephone Company, 1989–1992, president; Ameritech Services, 1992, president; Ameritech Corporation, 1993, president, chief operating officer, and vice chairman of the board; 1994–1999, president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board; Tellabs, 2000–2002, president and chief executive officer; Qwest Communications International, 2002–, chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

David C. Novak 1953— Biography

Career: Tracey-Locke BBDO, ?–1986, various positions leading up to executive vice president; PepsiCo, 1986–1990, senior vice president of marketing for Pizza Hut; 1990–1992, executive vice president of marketing and national sales for Pepsi-Cola; 1992–1994, COO of Pepsi-Cola North America; 1994–1996, president and CEO of KFC North America; 1996–1997, group president and CEO of KFC and Pizza Hut; Tricon Global Restaurants, 1997–1999, vice chairman and president; 1999–2001, CEO and president; 2001–2002, chairman, CEO, and president; Yum! Brands, 2002–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Erle Nye 1938— Biography

Education: Texas A&M University, BS, 1959; Southern Methodist University, JD, 1965.

James J. O'Brien Jr. 1955— Biography

Career: Ashland Chemical Company, 1976–1992, management positions of increasing responsibility in Foundry, Specialty Polymers, and General Polymers; 1992–1994, executive assistant to the chairman and CEO; Ashland Petroleum Company, 1994–1995, vice president and general manager of branded marketing; Ashland Inc., 1995–2001, president of Valvoline and vice president of Distribution and Specialty; 2001–2002, senior vice president and group operating officer; 2002, president and COO; 2002–, chairman and CEO.

Mark J. O'Brien Biography

Career: Pulte Homes, 1984–1997, employee; 1997–1998, COO; 1998–2002, president; 2002–, CEO and president.

Robert J. O'Connell 1943— Biography

Born: May 16, 1943, in New York City, New York.

Steve Odland 1959— Biography

Career: Quaker Oatmeal Cereals, 1995–1996, general manager of U.S. Food Division; Sara Lee Corporation, 1996–1998, senior vice president of snacks division; 1997–1998, president of bakery foods service division; Tops Markets, 1998–2000, CEO and president; Ahold USA, 2000–2001, COO; AutoZone, 2001–, chairman, CEO, and president.

Adebayo Ogunlesi 1953— Biography

Education: Oxford University, BA, 1976; Harvard University, MBA, 1978; LLB, 1979.

Minoru Ohnishi 1925— Biography

Family: Sokichi Ohnishi and Mitsu (maiden name unknown); married Yaeko Yui, 1951; children: two.

Motoyuki Oka Biography

Career: Sumitomo Corporation, circa 1998–2001, managing director; 2001–, CEO and president.

Tadashi Okamura 1938— Biography

Education: University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, 1962; University of Wisconsin, MBA, 1973.

Jorma Ollila 1950— Biography

Education: Atlantic College; University of Helsinki, MS, 1976; London School of Economics, MS, 1978; Helsinki University of Technology, MS, 1981.

Thomas D. O'Malley 1942— Biography

Family: Son of a customs inspector and a nurse; married Mary Alice Lucey; children: four.

E. Stanley O'Neal 1951— Biography

Education: Kettering University, BS, 1974; Harvard University, MBA, Finance, 1978.

David J. O'Reilly 1947— Biography

Family: Son of a menswear buyer for department store and a homemaker (first names unknown); married Joan Gariepy (a nurse), 1970; children: two.

Amancio Ortega 1936— Biography

Family: Son of railroad worker and maid (names unknown); married (wife's name unknown); children: three.

Marcel Ospel 1950— Biography

Career: Swiss Bank Corporation, 1977–1980, member of Department of Planning and Marketing; SBC International, 1980–1984, member of capital markets division; Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, 1984–1987, managing director; Swiss Bank Corporation, 1987–1995, director of securities trading and sales; 1995–1996, chief executive officer; 1996–1998, president and group chief executive officer; United Bank of Switzerland, 1998–2001, group chief executive officer; 2001–, chairman of the board and director.

Paul Otellini 1950— Biography

Education: University of San Francisco, BA, 1972; University of California, Berkeley, MBA, 1974.

Mutsutake Otsuka 1932— Biography

Career: Japan National Railways, 1965–1987, various positions; East Japan National Railway Company (JR East), 1987–1997, managing director; 1997–2000, vice president; 2000–, president and chief executive officer.

Lindsay Owen-Jones 1946— Biography

Family: Son of an engineer and professor; married; children: one.

Pae Chong-yeul 1943— Biography

Career: Bank of Korea, 1969–1976, junior economist in research department; 1973–1975, assistant advisor on economic policy in the office of the president; Samsung Corporation, 1976–1983, manager, planning department; Samsung Pacific International, 1983, president; Samsung America, 1983–1987, president; Samsung Electronics, 1988–1990, senior executive managing director, sales and marketing, semiconductor division; Samsung Group, 1991–1993, vice president, chairman's office; Joong-ang Daily News, 1994–1998, executive vice president; Cheil Communications, 1998–2001, president and chief executive officer; Samsung Corporation, 2001–, president and chief executive officer.

Samuel J. Palmisano 1951— Biography

Career: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), 1973–1989, sales representative; 1989–1991, executive assistant to chief executive officer John Akers; IBM Japan, 1991–1993, senior managing director, operations; Integrated Systems Solutions Corporation, January 1993–1996, president; October 1993–1996, CEO; 1995–1997, head of strategic outsourcing; Personal Computer Company, 1996–1997, managing director; Personal Systems Group, 1997–1998, senior vice president; IBM Global Services, 1998–1999, corporate senior vice president and manager; Enterprise Systems Group, 1999–2000, senior vice president; IBM Corporation, 2000–2002, president and chief operating officer; 2002–, president and CEO; 2003–, chairman of the board.

Helmut Panke 1946— Biography

Born: August 31, 1946, in Storkow, Kreis FΓΌrstenwalde, Germany.

Gregory J. ca. Parseghian 1961— Biography

Career: Credit Suisse First Boston, 1987–?, managing director; BlackRock Financial Management, partner; Salomon Brothers, ?–1996, managing director; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), 1996–2003, senior vice president and chief investment officer; chief executive officer, 2003–.

Richard D. Parsons 1948— Biography

Born: April 4, 1948, in New York City, New York.

Corrado Passera 1954— Biography

Education: Bocconi University, BA; Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, MBA.

Hank Paulson 1946— Biography

Education: Dartmouth College, BA, 1968; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1970.

Michel PΓ©bereau 1942— Biography

Family: Brother of French financier Georges Pébereau; married Agnès (maiden name unknown).

Roger S. Penske 1937— Biography

Family: Son of Jay (vice president of metal fabrication company) and Martha (housewife and community volunteer); married Kathryn; children: five.

A. Jerrold Perenchio 1931— Biography

Family: Son of a winemaker (name unknown); married and divorced twice; married (third wife's name unknown); children: three.

Peter J. Pestillo 1938— Biography

Family: Son of Peter Pestillo and Ruth Hayes; married Betty Ann Barraclough, 1959; children: three.

Donald K. Peterson 1949— Biography

Education: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, BS, 1971; Dartmouth College, MBA, 1973.

Howard G. Phanstiel Biography

Education: Syracuse University, BS; Maxwell School of Public Administration, Syracuse University, master's degree.

Joseph A. Pichler 1939— Biography

Education: University of Notre Dame, BBA, 1961; University of Chicago, MBA, 1963; PhD, 1966.

William F. Pickard 1941— Biography

Education: Flint Mott College, AS, 1962; Western Michigan University, BS, 1964; University of Michigan; MSW, 1965; Ohio State University, PhD, 1971.

Harvey R. Pierce 1942— Biography

Career: American Family Insurance, 1963–1990, various positions including agent, district sales manager, state director, regional vice president, and executive vice president of field operations; 1990–1998, president and chief operating officer; 1998–, chairman and chief executive officer.

Mark C. Pigott 1954— Biography

Family: Son of Charles McGee Pigott (CEO of PACCAR Inc. until 1997) and Yvonne Flood.

Bernd Pischetsrieder 1948— Biography

Career: Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW), 1973–1975, production planning engineer; 1975–1977, head of operations control department; 1978–1981, head of work preparation division of the Dingolfing factory; BMW South Africa, 1982–1985, director of production, development, purchasing, and logistics; 1985–1987, head of quality assurance; 1987–1990, head of technical planning; 1990–1993, department member, board of management and production; 1993–1999, chairman of the board and CEO; Rover Group Holdings, 1994–1995, chairman of the board; Volkswagen, 2000–2003, chairman-elect; 2003–, chief executive officer.

Fred Poses 1942— Biography

Career: Peace Corps, 1967–1969, volunteer; Allied Corporation, 1969–1977, financial analyst; 1977–1985, general manager of Home Furnishings division; AlliedSignal, 1985–1986, president of Plastics and Engineered Materials division; 1986–1988, president of Fibers division; 1988–1998, executive vice president of company and president of Engineered Materials division; 1998–1999, president and chief operating officer; American Standard Companies, January 2000–, chief executive officer and chairman.

John E. Potter 1956— Biography

Education: Fordham University, BA; Sloan Fellows Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA.

Myrtle Potter 1958— Biography

Family: Daughter of a restaurant owner and a social worker; married; children: two.

Paul S. Pressler 1956— Biography

Education: State University of New York at Oneonta, BA, 1978.

Larry L. ca. Prince 1937— Biography

Career: Genuine Parts Company, 1958–1977, stock clerk and various other positions; vice president and then group vice president, 1977–1983; executive vice president, 1983–1986; president and chief operating officer, 1986–1990; chief executive officer, 1989–, chairman, 1990–.

Richard B. Priory 1946— Biography

Education: West Virginia Institute of Technology, BS, 1969; Princeton University, MS, 1973; University of Michigan, 1982, graduate utility executive program; Harvard University, 1991, graduate advanced management program.

Alessandro Profumo 1957— Biography

Career: Banco Lariano, 1976–1987, branch clerk and manager, then director; McKinsey and Company, 1987–1989, consultant; Bain, Cuneo, and Associates, 1989–1991, consultant; Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta, 1991–1994, general manager of banking; Credito Italiano, 1994, deputy general manager for planning; 1995–1997, deputy CEO; 1997–1998, CEO; UniCredito Italiano, 1998–, CEO.

Henri Proglio 1949— Biography

Career: Compagnie GΓ©nΓ©rale des Eaux, 1972–1990, various management positions; Compagnie GΓ©nΓ©rale d'Entreprises Automobiles, 1990–1991, chairman and chief executive officer; Compagnie GΓ©nΓ©rale des Eaux, 1991–1997, director; 1997–1999, deputy managing director; Vivendi Universal, 1999–2000, managing director delegate, chairman of Compagnie GΓ©nΓ©rale des Eaux, director and executive managing director of Vivendi Water, chairman of Compagnie GΓ©nΓ©rale d'Entreprises Automobiles; Vivendi Environnement, 2000–2003, chief executive officer; Veolia Environnement, 2003–, chairman and chief executive officer.

David J. Prosser 1944— Biography

Career: Sun Alliance and London Assurance Company, 1965–1969, actuary; Hoare Govett & Company, 1969–1973, stockbroker; National Coal Board Superannuation Investments Department, 1973–1981, responsible for stock market activities; CIN Industrial Investments, 1981–1985, managing director for venture capital activities; CIN Investment Management Company, 1985–1988, chief executive responsible for pension fund assets; Legal and General Group, 1988–1991, group director; 1991, deputy chief executive; 1991–, group chief executive and director.

Philip J. Purcell III 1943— Biography

Education: University of Notre Dame, BBA, 1964; University of Chicago, MBA, 1966; London School of Economics, MS, 1967.

Allen I. Questrom 1941— Biography

Career: Abraham & Straus, 1965–1973, began as executive trainee, became division merchandise manager; Bullock's, 1973–1974, vice president and general merchandise manager of the home store; 1974–1977, senior vice president and general merchandise manager for all stores; Federated Department Stores, 1977–1978, executive vice president of Bullocks Division; 1978–1980, president of Rich's Division; 1980–1984, chairman and CEO of Rich's Division; 1984–1988, chairman and CEO of Bullock's/Bullocks Wilshire Division; 1987–1988, corporate executive vice president; 1988–1990, corporate vice chairman; Neiman Marcus Group Inc., 1988–1990, president and CEO, based in Dallas; Federated Department Stores, 1990–1997, chairman and CEO; Barneys New York, 1999–2000, chairman, president, and CEO; J. C.

Franklin D. Raines 1949— Biography

Education: Harvard College, BA, 1971; Oxford University, 1971–1973; Harvard Law School, JD, 1976.

M. S. ca. Ramachandran 1944— Biography

Career: Indian Oil Corporation, 1969–?, management trainee; 2001–2002, director of planning and business development; 2002–, chairman; government of India, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, executive director of Oil Coordination Committee; IBP Company and Chennai Petroleum Corporation, chairman; Indian Oiltanking, head.

Dieter Rampl 1947— Biography

Career: Societe de Banque Suisse, 1969–1970, collections and foreign-trade finance, Geneva; Bayerische Vereinsbank, 1971–1973, foreign trade and commodity finance, Munich; 1974–1980, senior lending officer, North America Corporation and Credit Department, New York; 1981–1982, senior lending officer, Nordrhein-Wesfalia, DΓΌsseldorf; BHF-Bank, 1983–1984, head of U.S. corporations in Europe and corporations in Belgium and Holland; 1984–1987, senior vice president and manager, New York branch; 1988–1992, general manager, export and trade finance, Frankfurt; 1993–1995, general manager, Corporation Finance, Frankfurt, and member of the board of managing directors; Bayerische Vereinsbank, 1995–1998, member of the board of managing directors; Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank (HVB Group), 1998–2002, member of the board of managing directors; 2003–, managing director and chief executive officer.

Lee R. Raymond 1938— Biography

Education: University of Wisconsin, BS, 1960; University of Minnesota, PhD, 1963.

Steven A. Raymund 1955— Biography

Education: University of Oregon, BS, 1978; Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, MBA, 1980.

Sumner M. Redstone 1923— Biography

Education: Harvard University, BA, 1944; Harvard Law School, LLB, 1947.

Dennis H. Reilley 1953— Biography

Career: Conoco, 1975–1979, pipeline engineer; 1979–1990, executive assistant to the chairman, along with other positions including president and managing director of Conoco Ireland; DuPont Company, 1990–1994, vice president and general manager of titanium-dioxide business; 1994–1995, vice president and general manager of specialty-chemicals business; 1996–1997, vice president and general manager of Lycra business; 1997–1999, executive vice president; 1999–2000, COO; Praxair, 2000–, president, CEO, and chairman.

Steven S. Reinemund 1948— Biography

Born: April 6, 1948, in New York City, New York.

Eivind Reiten 1953— Biography

Born: April 2, 1953, in Midsund, MΓΈre og Romsdal, Norway.

Glenn M. Renwick 1955— Biography

Education: University of Canterbury (New Zealand), BA; University of Florida, MS.

Linda Johnson Rice 1958— Biography

Education: University of Southern California, BA, 1980; Northwestern University, MBA, 1987.

Pierre Richard 1941— Biography

Education: Attended University of Dijon, BS; Ecole Polytechnque, master's in engineering; Ecole Nationale des Ponts et ChaussΓ©es, and University of Pennsylvania; attended Columbia University, 1966–1967.

Kai-Uwe Ricke 1961— Biography

Family: Son of Helmut Ricke (former chairman of Deutsche Telekom).

Stephen Riggio 1954— Biography

Family: Son of Steve Riggio (semiprofessional boxer and cab driver); married (spouse's name unknown); children: three.

Jim Robbins Biography

Career: WBZ-TV, 1969–1972, assistant producer, then managing news editor; Continental Cablevision of Ohio and Montachusett Cable Television, 1972–1979, various management positions; Viacom Communications, 1979–1983, vice president and general manager for Viacom Cable of Long Island, then senior vice president of operations; Cox Communications, 1983–1984, vice president of New York City operations; 1984–1985, senior vice president of Atlanta and New Orleans operations; 1985–, president; 1995–, president and chief executive officer.

Brian L. Roberts 1959— Biography

Family: Son of Ralph Roberts (founder of Comcast); married Aileen Kennedy; children: three.

Harry J. M. Roels 1948— Biography

Career: Shell, 1971–1996, petroleum engineer; various positions in exploration and production; senior petroleum engineer, Turkey and Norway; technical manager, Norske Shell; director, corporate development, Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij, The Hague; manager, Offshore Business Division, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij; area coordinator, numerous Latin American countries, Shell International Petroleum Company, London; 1996–1998, regional business director, Middle East and Africa, Shell International Exploration and Production, The Hague; 1998–1999, general manager, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij; 1999–2002, member, board of management, Shell Nederland; group managing director, Royal Dutch/Shell Group; RWE, 2003–, president and chief executive officer.

Steven R. Rogel 1942— Biography

Career: St. Regis Paper Company, 1965–1970; St.

James E. Rogers 1947— Biography

Family: Son of James E. Rogers and Margaret (Whatley) Rogers; married Robyn McGill (divorced); married Mary Anne Boldrick; children: three (first marriage).

Bruce C. Rohde 1948— Biography

Family: Married (wife's name unknown; divorced); married Sandra (maiden name unknown); children: five (from second marriage).

James E. Rohr 1948— Biography

Education: University of Notre Dame, BA, 1970; Ohio State University, MBA, 1972.

Matthew K. Rose 1960— Biography

Career: Burlington Northern Railroad, 1994–1995, vice president, vehicles and machinery; Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, 1995–1996, vice president, chemicals; 1996–1997, senior vice president, merchandise business unit; 1997–1999, chief operations officer; 1999–2000, president and chief operating officer; 2000–2002, president and chief executive officer; 2002–, chairman, president, and chief executive officer.

Bob Rossiter 1946— Biography

Career: Lear Siegler, 1971–1998, sales; Lear Corporation, 1988–2000, president and chief operating officer; 2000–2003, president and chief executive officer; 2003–, chairman and chief executive officer.

Renzo Rosso 1955— Biography

Career: Moltex, 1975–1978, production manager; Genius Group, 1978–1985, designer; Diesel, 1978–1985, designer and partner; 1985–, owner, chief executive officer, and designer; La Maison Martin Margiela, 2002–, majority owner and investor.

John W. Rowe 1944— Biography

Education: Canisius College, BS, 1966; University of Rochester School of Medicine, MD, 1970.

Allen R. Rowland 1944— Biography

Career: Miller's Supermarket, 1963–1970, store manager; Albertsons, 1971–1996, held various positions, eventually becoming senior vice president; Smith's Food and Drug Centers, 1996–1997, president and chief executive officer; Winn-Dixie Stores, 1999–2003, president, chief executive officer, and director.

Patricia F. Russo 1953— Biography

Education: Georgetown University, BS; Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Program, 1989.

Edward B. Rust Jr. 1950— Biography

Education: Illinois Wesleyan University, bachelor's degree, 1972; Southern Methodist University, MBA, 1975, and JD.

Arthur F. Ryan 1942— Biography

Family: Married Patricia (maiden name unknown; community activist); children: four.

Patrick G. Ryan 1937— Biography

Career: Penn Mutual, dates unknown, life insurance agent; worked at father's Ford dealership; Ryan Corporation (became Ryan Group), dates unknown, owner; Aon (merged company), 1982–, chief executive officer; 1990–, chairman of the board.

Thomas M. Ryan 1953— Biography

Career: CVS Corporation, 1975, pharmacist; 1975–1988, various positions; 1988–1990, senior vice president of pharmacy; 1990–1998, executive vice president of stores; 1998–, president and chief executive officer; 1999–, chairman.