Business Plans - Volume 01

Accounting Consulting Business Plan

Accounting Management Systems provides consulting services to assist small- and medium-sized businesses in choosing and implementing microcomputer accounting systems. This plan reviews current markets, competition, and the skills and equipment needed to successfully build a business of this kind.

Aerospace Supplier Business Plan

This is an expanding company created for the purpose of owning and operating enterprises that manufacture gizmos and gadgets for the aerospace industry.

Bed and Breakfast Business Plan

The Gothic-styled Red Barron Bed and Breakfast currently supports five guest suites in the main house featuring a number of amenities. The proprietors hope to expand their operation to include three guest cottages, as business conditions allow.

Biscotti Bakery Business Plan

The Italian Eatery seeks funding to introduce a product capaitalizing on Amercans' desire for products with a European flavor. Different from the typical American confection, Biscotti Rosa will be manufactured by a young enterprise seeking to reach a national market.

Business Consulting v1 Business Plan

Blake & Associates offers numerous consulting and advisory services to primarily smaller businesses. It will specialize in advice on business planning.

Business Consulting v2 Business Plan

Koshu is a one-person management consulting firm serving companies of all sizes in all industries. The company plans to "productize" its methods and the results of its services as software packages and manuals.

Car Wash Business Plan

The Dirt Buster was designed by entrepreneurs wishing to provide a high quality car wash service in a virtually untapped market. Because new construction is necessary, a large amount of initial capital is required for this venture.

Crane Service Business Plan

Chesterfield Crane Service is seeking a capital infusion in order to expand its operation. It intends to increase its workload by adding a 50-ton capacity crane to its equipment line.

Diaper Delivery Business Plan

Offering the area's only diaper delivery service, this new business seeks to reach the developing market demanding a more environmentally safe and less expensive option than traditional cloth diapers. This plan offers an example of how to attract a larger customer base by capitalizing on society's changing views.

Editorial Services Business Plan

Hilton & Associates offers writing and other editorial services, including training. The company's founder is seeking additional capital for a rejuvenated marketing campaign, an increase in staffing, and a stronger base for future goals, such as production of documentation and related materials and franchising.

Elder Care Business Plan

Summer Gardens is a living facility providing food preparation, laundry, housekeeping, and personal care services to its senior residents. Run by a professional nurse, the facility hopes to provide an alternative to traditional nursing homes.

Equipment Rental Business Plan

Rich Rentals is an equipment rental business providing a wide variety of tools and machinery for the Do-it-Yourselfer. This family-owned venture seeks to provide a competitive service to its customers and secure a long-term financial opportunity and livelihood in which the entire family can participate.

Framing/Antiques Store Business Plan

This family-owned business, whose proprietors have experience in the picture framing and antiques field, have designed a combination venture that they believe will cater to an untapped market. The following plan outlines the factors that are crucial to consider when launching a new business.

Import Boutique Business Plan

Bellisimo Imports is a unique place for shoppers seeking imported Mexican handcrafts, including furniture, decorations, and other home accessories. This plan will provide details on how to approach the design of an import boutique.

Inn/Resort Business Plan

The Lighthouse Inn is a resort with a variety of recreational facilities. The Inn seeks to provide lodging for both families and business travelers.

Ladder Company Business Plan

Jack's Ladder is a maker of aluminum and fiberglass ladders and step stools. The company supplies specialty products for niche markets, such as orchards.

Magazine Publisher Business Plan

GRAPEVINE is a demo graphically well-positioned magazine catering to a growing segment of the population. Due to developing circumstances and a changing business climate, it is looking for a capital infusion to maintain and further encourage already strong sales.

Online Consulting Business Plan

Due to the rapidly changing landscape of online communications, this newly formed online computer service company maps out its strategy for the early stages of its development. Services to be provided, future goals, and financial status (current and projected) are a few of the issues explored in this plan.

Printing Company v1 Business Plan

This business plan outlines a two-store operation offering a full range of printing services and supplies. The joint enterprise will improve efficiency through the use of Total Quality Management (TQM).

Printing Company v2 Business Plan

Printer Perfect is a new venture specializing in full-color, sheet-fed printing. It caters to short and medium runs.

Publisher Business Plan

Infoguide Inc. is a reference publisher.

Restaurant v1 Business Plan

Adopting a 1950s theme, the American Diner intends to serve traditional foods, such as fruit pies and cobblers, freshly baked breads, pot pies, and other "home-cooking" with an eye toward health. The two proprietors, both experienced restauranteurs, intend to draw on their extensive food service backgrounds as they launch their new business.

Restaurant v2 Business Plan

The Peach Blossom Diner is an authentically restored diner featuring period paraphernalia from the 1920s through the 1950s. This plan includes details on how to create an establishment with a nostalgic atmosphere and discusses issues relevant to the genesis of any new restaurant.

Restaurant (Nonprofit) Business Plan

This business plan has not been disguised in any way. References to locations, people, and products are real, not fictional.

Retail Clothing Business Plan

Clothes As Art offers a creative alternative in the retail clothing industry: customers create and then produce their own designs on garments. Faced with strong competition, this plan outlines several marketing strategies and provides insight into factors like location and demography when planning a clothing venture.

Retail Florist Business Plan

Designs by Linda is a full-service retail florist providing decorative planning for weddings and conventions, plant maintenance, and plantscaping. Designs is seeking funding to incorporate its new second location into its current successful enterprise.

Tobacco/Magazines Business Plan

Standard Tobacco & News provides magazines, newspapers, tobacco products, and candy to upscale shoppers. Its proprietors intend to follow the successful formula, with amendments, created by their chief competitor.

Salad Packaging Business Plan

Salad Ready is a pre-packaged, ready-to-eat salad created by a company seeking to fill the market desire for foods that are both convenient and healthy. This plan is an example of a company attempting to make an innovative food product available to larger markets.

Software Developer Business Plan

As one of the many new software developers in the United States, Data Technologies Corporation is trying to find and fill a niche immediately. DataTech has mapped out a strategy for creating a new product they hope will accomplish that goal.

Toiletry Company Business Plan

Verde is the manufacturer of a full line of men's-only toiletries. Because of its up and down history of financial success and failure, the new management has designed this plan to attract investors.

Toy Company Business Plan

With two lines of "Do-it-Yourself educational cards for young people already on the market, Toys for a New Generation expects to increase its market and product ranges significantly. The following plan details the new card ideas and outlines the manner in which they will be introduced.

Virtual Reality v1 Business Plan

Building Aids Inc. is a new company formed to take advantage of virtual reality technology in its application to new home design and construction.

Virtual Reality v2 Business Plan

CineMedia Studios is an aggressive developer of unique virtual reality entertainment products. Catering to the intelligent user seeking a game with intellect, it is seeking additional capital to fund more projects in its already well-received line.

Small Business Development Centers Business Plan